Official Travel Bucket List Countdown 40-31

If you didn’t catch numbers 50-41, check that out before this!

When you have a bucket list, you can plan for the best time of year to visit each place, set-up flight notifications at top places to get the best prices, and plan for the adventure of your lifetime! We know you’re not kicking the bucket any time soon, but that’s no excuse. Write down your list and get moving!

Here is lolglobetrotting’s official travel bucket list, numbers 40-31, counting down from 50 all the way to number 1.

40. Oktoberfest in Munich

If you’ve ever met us, odds are at least one of us has had a beer in their hands. Julie loves Porters and wheat beers. Zach opts for a local IPA or a good ol fashioned Coors Light. Both of us would love to order beer (or bier) by the liter, and want to head to Munich in the fall to do it!

Drinking out of a shoe like this woman might not be your thing, but Lederhosen and Dirndls sure as hell better be. If you’re not getting down with the Bavarian culture when you’re putting back beer and pretzels, then you my friend are NOT doing it right.

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A "shoe-y". Will you do it?

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39. Snowboard in the Alps & Visit Dolomites

Zach tried to teach Julie to snowboard in 2016 and it was NOT pretty. Julie’s butt took a beating on the ice, and the day ended with Zach falling down the stairs outside the chalet, throwing his coffee straight up into the clear blue sky in the process. Like I said, NOT pretty.

If you think Julie is insane to go from not being able to make it down a blue square, all the way to the ALPS, then you’re right! But an Alice in Wonderland quote comes to mind: ‘You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.’

If we fall down a rabbit hole in Northern Italy, don’t come looking for us, we’ll be kicking it with Alice having a grand ol time!

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🇬🇧Breaking news: in Trentino it’s snowing and the skiing season has officially started! Today the lift of the Presena Glacier in @valdisoletrentino will be opening! Soon also all the other skiing resorts will be ready to welcome all the skiers! Get your skis out and be ready! Follow @visittrentino on IG — 🇮🇹E’ tempo di sciolinare in Trentino, oggi parte infatti la stagione sciistica con l’apertura del Ghiacciaio Presena in @Valdisoletrentino! A breve anche tutte le altre destinazioni sciistiche saranno pronte ad accogliervi. Sciatori! Cosa aspettate quindi? Preparate gli sci! Seguite @visittrentino su IG Photo by Trentino Marketing, credits Dario Andreis 👉Tag your pics with #visittrentino #valdisole #trentinowow #winteriscoming #skiing #skiingofficial #trentinofficialski #instatrentino #skiingmagazine #skiing_4ever #skiingtrip #wintersport #skiseason #skiseasoniscoming #volgotrento #yallerstrentino #trentinodascoprire #trentinodavivere #igerstrentino #visit_europe #yallersworld #wu_europe #igworldclub #igersitalia

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After shredding the Alps we’re going to hop on over to the Dolomites for some UNBELIEVABLE views. This place looks like it was plucked from the dreams of someone who ate one too many magic mushrooms before bed. Once we saw it we knew it would be firmly planted on our bucket list.

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Found this little side of paradise in the alps🔝🏔

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38. Do Yoga in India and Visit Dharavi, Mumbai (Slums of India)

Downward Dog in Buddha’s backyard! We have a love affair with Yoga that started when we both began classes in college. Julie went for the yoga, Zach went for the girls in yoga pants. Thankfully he struck out 100% of the time at the studio and met Julie a few years later, and as a bonus the yoga ended up giving him his killer dance moves.

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In Yoga, Lord Shiva is considered the Adi Yogi and the Adi Guru. He is the foremost among the yogis and the first teacher of the science of Yoga. He is an ideal renuncient and an ideal householder, all in one. He is depicted as sitting in lotus pose on mount Kailash, in deep samadhi, unmoved by the events of the universe. He is Yogeshwara, the lord of Yoga; Maheshwara, the Great God and Bhuteshwara, the lord of the five elements from which the universe is created. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Photograph by @instashivatribe ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #follow 👉🏼 @rishikesh.official ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Tag 👉🏼 @rishikesh.official or Use #rishikesh to get featured. . . . . . . . #shanti #peaceloveyoga #garhwal #kumaon #dehradun #lakshmanjhula #sunset #ganga #haridwar #chopta #nainital #uttarakhand #indiapictures #himalayas #mountains #om #desi_diaries #yogaeverywhere #yogaindia #peaceandlove #riverrafting

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After yoga we will be taking a trip to Dharavi in Mumbai. This place is known as the slums of India, it is the largest slum in all of Asia. We believe it’s important to experience the culture in every country we visit. Seeing the living and working conditions of the people here will give us a brand new outlook on life.

More from Wanderersandwarriers:

We were greeted by smiles!! Smiles and welcoming faces. Faces that didn’t look at you as a rich subject that they could hopefully scam money from. But more of a thankful look. Grateful that we’d come all the way from a western country to take time to visit their underprivileged country. You could see the happiness in their eyes and without realising it, we’d soon become the attraction of the area!

Kids dropped their balls and ran over from the playground, mothers came thrusting their babies upon us and questions were being thrown from all directions. Hey, the questions we didn’t mind…at least they weren’t throwing rocks like some of the kids in Jodhpur. Most of the kids just giggled at our answers and of course there were a few cheeky boys trying to teach us swear words but we were amazed at how much English they spoke. All the build up and anticipation had been for nothing! The rumours and stories we’d heard couldn’t have been further from the truth and it was clear that the poorest of people we’d met in India were ironically the friendliest.

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Welcome to the slums 🌆

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37. Trek the Australian Outback

G’day mate! Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie! Australia slides into the top 40 of our list, as a mecca for trekkers the world over. We want nothing more than to head into the outback in a camper van and cruise the desert in search of wildlife and good times.

Advice on the top 5 must-dos in the Outback from TravelOutbackAustralia:

Alice Springs is the heart and soul of the Outback. The number one destination in Outback Australia. Make Alice Springs your base for exploring the Outback! It’s located central to everywhere else.. not just in the Outback but in Australia!

Ayers Rock/Uluru – Australia’s best known tourist attraction. Visit the most famous destination in Australia. Learn about Aboriginal culture and Dreaming. Want to save money visiting Ayers Rock? Let us share our local knowledge with you.

Alice Springs Desert Park. The Desert Park is one of the Outback’s best tourist attractions. The Desert Park reveals the Outback to you -its Aboriginal culture, its environment (you get to walk through every single desert habitat), its plants and animals. Make it your first stop in Alice Springs.

Kings Canyon/Watarrka. Located 350km from Alice Springs and about 300km from Ayers Rock, Watarrka is another top Outback destination. Some people say it’s even BETTER than Uluru! Make sure you visit to find out why.

Lake Eyre – Australia’s largest lake. I rate seeing Lake Eyre full second only to going to Mount Everest in terms of travel experiences. We’ve got a whole section of the site devoted to getting you out there!

36. California Redwoods & Big Sur

Of course California has to be on here. We have never been to Northern California, so the giant redwoods don’t even seem real to us. This picture looks photoshopped, trees don’t get that big… do they?

After we get our fill of the forrest giants, we are going to cruise to Big Sur on the coast just South of San Jose. Rocky cliffs and hidden beaches? Where do we sign!

35. Egyptian Pyramids

Everyone who watched Prince of Egypt as a kid, or as an adult (we don’t judge), has always wanted to travel to Egypt to see the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. Seriously, how the F did these get built in the ancient times, with hand tools and rope. Unbelievable.

34. Cataratas Do Iguacu (Iguazu Falls)

Have you ever heard of this one? We thought we might be able to sneak one in! To be honest we hadn’t heard of Iguazu Falls until recently, but GOODNESS ME WILL YOU TAKE A LOOK AT IT?! Have you ever seen so many waterfalls in one picture? Seriously, have you? If you have, please tell us where, so we can put it on the bucket list…

33. Great Wall of China

There is literally a structure that exists in the world that is 13,000 miles long. Think about that for a second. Think about how hard it is to run a mile, and how long that feels. Now think about 10 miles. We’re tired just writing that. This is THIRTEEN THOUSAND MILES! Almost 500 MARATHONS long!

My brain hurts just thinking about how ridiculous this sucker must have been to build. The least we can do is make the voyage to China and pay our respects! And of course race each other up and down the winding curves. Julie will win of course, because girls are better than boys.

32. Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

If we can ever afford Singapore, by golly we are going to go! The light show at the Gardens by the Bay looks like a Dr. Seuss book come to life. In the background of this light explosion is the world famous Marina Bay Sands hotel, as well. Maybe if we can afford Singapore we’ll be able to book a night at that bad boy and see what all the fuss is about.

Advice from SwedishNomad:

Locals and tourists gather every night around 7 pm to see the light show. It’s a free attraction, and you just go down to the ground floor at the Supertree Grove. There’s a large grass field where people bring picnic baskets and blankets to sit on while watching the light show!

The first light show starts at 7:45 PM and the second one starts at 8:45 PM. So if you miss the first one you get a second chance an hour later. But make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier at least to get a good spot.

31. Dive in the Great Blue Hole in Belize

Zach loves great holes. Who doesn’t?

This place looks like God just forgot to fill in this part of the world. Just a GIGANTIC hole off the islands outside Belize. The diving here looks pretty unbelievable, just have to watch out for sharks…

There you have it! Numbers 40 to 31 on lolglobetrotting’s travel bucket list! Check back soon for numbers 30 to 21!

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