Official Travel Bucket List Countdown 50-41

Everyone’s gotta have a travel bucket list. Do you have one? If so, then share, stop being selfish! If not, we’re here to help you build one.

When you have a bucket list, you can plan for the best time of year to visit each place, set-up flight notifications at top places to get the best prices, and plan for the adventure of your lifetime! We know you’re not kicking the bucket any time soon, but that’s no excuse. Write down your list and get moving!

Here is lolglobetrotting’s official travel bucket list, counting down from 50 all the way to number 1.

50. Whale Watching in Alaska

Everything about whale watching looks and sounds EPIC! Seeing an animal that is bigger than a school bus?? Something that puts elephants to shame?! There’s a ‘your mom’ joke in there somewhere…

It is a life goal to see a whale breach the water like this one. It looks just like Zach flailing into bed after a long day hiking…

49. Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

What does everyone think of when they think of Barcelona?? Sagrada Familia of course! Maybe you didn’t know it that’ what it was called, but I bet you knew what it looks like.

This church, which stands tall over the rest on Barcelona, is actually still unfinished. Construction began in 1882 and they are STILL NOT DONE. Regardless, this gem is absolutely firmly on our bucket list.

48. Go Camping in Yosemite

Growing up we would always hear about family road trips out to Yosemite for camping, but we never got the chance to do it ourselves. What better time than when now!

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Yosemite is full of sheer cliffs, big skies, and more animals than Julie has shoes. Sign us up!

More from RVC Outdoors:

The park has five waterfalls of 1,000 feet or more. They are at their best in late spring when the waterfalls are carrying snow melt from the mountains. Some are an easy walk to visit and some are a more challenging hike. Yosemite Falls is a good choice to see, and there are different trails to different views of the falls.

Yosemite is famous for starry skies. During the summer months, there are guided astronomy walks, and even night time bike tours.

47. Petronas Towers

These skyscrapers stand TALL over Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. How tall? They were the tallest buildings in the WORLD from 1998 to 2004 when Taipei 101 was built in China.

Another reason these are on our bucket list? We’ve always wanted to go to Malaysia! There is so much in Southeast Asia that we still want to see and do, and the Petronas Towers are an absolute MUST.

46. See a Concert at Red Rocks

We are concert folk. Zach has road-tripped to Tennessee for Bonnaroo and camped in the mud to see Tom Petty and Paul McCartney perform. Didn’t hurt that Of Monsters and Men and The Lumineers were performing too, two of his favorites.

We actually really hit it off at a Chvrches concert at the famous First Ave in downtown Minneapolis. That’s when Zach busted out some of his killer dance moves and Julie’s jaw was literally on the floor the entire night.

Going to a Red Rocks show is the holy grail of concerts. The natural amphitheater surrounded by the Colorado landscape looks INSANE! We absolutely will see a show here before we kick the bucket.

More from Indigo Denver:

You’ll probably never see an amphitheater as breathtaking as the one at Red Rocks Park. The open air venue seats almost 10,000 people and is bordered by massive and majestic red sandstone walls of rock rising 300 feet into the air. A short 15 miles from the city of Denver, you can easily get there by car or via the Red Rocks Shuttle, which picks up downtown as well as the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Grateful Dead have all testified to the glorious experience of playing at Red Rocks.

45. Live on a Sailboat (for at least a week)

Waking up every day and being 3 steps from the salty surf. Watching every sunrise and sunset with an uninterrupted view of the horizon. Having the freedom to decide where exactly you want to go, and the means to get you there. Living on a sailboat is living the dream my friend!

Maybe one of the hard parts? No wifi… Julie might die without wifi. But it’s only a week! Grab a book, rub some sun tan lotion on, and enjoy the wide open sea.

More from Sailing Kittiwake:

Living on a sailboat means spending a lot of time outdoors. Most of this time will be spent by the sea, where you’ll see amazing things – dolphins, whales, jumping tuna, sunfish, basking sharks, … Some of this time will be spent inside the boat, seeking shelter from the cold and rain, and a smaller portion of it will be spent on shore, either resupplying, or exploring.

44. Kelingking Beach Bali

If you go to Bali and don’t get a picture of the dinosaur head at Kelingking Beach, did you even go to Bali?? It’s no wonder why people love it, the view is as good as any in the world.

White sandy beaches? Check. Beautiful blue waters? Check. Tropical paradise? Check. Cliffs that form the head of a dinosaur? Check! What does this place not have??

43. Go Skydiving

Skydiving should be on everyone’s bucket list! Crapping your pants as you jump OUT OF A PLANE! Does it get any better? Yes it does, because it is all captured forever on video. You’ll have blackmail on anyone you go skydiving with for the rest of your life!

We can’t lie, we are wimps about height. At least Zach is. He won’t be caught within 10 feet of a cliff as we’re hiking, and when the trail narrows he will literally close the eye that is closest to the cliff. Not very smart is he..? And STILL he is all on board for jumping out of a speeding jet, and you should be too!

More from Adventure in You:

Your heart is thumping and your mind is racing as a million and one thoughts go through your head. Your palms are sweaty, your vision tunnels, and all you can hear is the loud sound of the propellers along with that tiny voice in your head screaming holy sh*t as you creep towards the plane door. Then, in one graceful swoop, you are free falling 13,000 feet from the ground in one giant leap of faith, adrenaline, and excitement. 

There is nothing as liberating and exciting as throwing yourself off a moving plane. NOTHING. It is definitely one of those go big or go home moments where the feeling of anticipation and waiting for the jump is building up. Just the thought of jumping makes your heart beat faster than a little school boy who is in love.

42. Lake Bled in Slovenia

2 years ago, we couldn’t find Slovenia on a map. If you’re being honest with yourself, you couldn’t either, right? But this place is ROCKETING up our travel bucket list!

Just look at this picture from above Lake Bled, that is one of the most picturesque islands on earth. A bell tower on an island surrounded by turquoise waters and snow-capped mountains in the distance? Is this place made up in a fairy tale. Odds are there is a princess in that tower and a monster lurking in the lake awaiting any challengers…

41. Saint Lucia

We were about ten minutes away from making Saint Lucia our honeymoon destination, but we changed course last minute. Flights were just too expensive at the time, and we travel on a budget! However, as flight prices get better we will absolutely be heading your way Saint Lucia!

There are literally treetop hotels (cabins? treehouses?) that you can stay in! Monkeys at your doorstep, the sun high in the sky, sipping cocktails out of coconuts! And OH LORD the hiking on this island looks to be about as good as any on earth.

There you have it! Numbers 50 to 41 on lolglobetrotting’s travel bucket list! Check back soon for number 40 to 31!

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