World’s Best Travel Drone – DJI Spark

We’ve owned our DJI Spark drone for about 2 years now, and we absolutely love the thing. The video quality blew our expectations away, especially considering this is half the price of most other high-quality drones on the market. What’s more? The Spark is extremely small and lightweight, which makes is ridiculously easy to travel with! All of this and more is why we think the DJI Spark is the world’s best travel drone.

And…GREAT NEWS! DJI is currently having a holiday sale and the Spark is listed at a discounted price! Along with a bunch of other drones and video accessories. Check it out here!

DJI Spark in Action

Zach spent more time than he would like to admit editing this video, so please go easy on him! We took all the footage in these shots ourselves with our own DJI Spark on trips to Spain, Vietnam, Seattle, Thailand, and more!



The DJI Spark is TINY. Smallest drone we have ever seen, We routinely pack the drone in a backpack, bringing it along on hikes or bike rides through the park or city. And when we’re home, it slides nicely into a drawer or cubby ready to wait for your next adventure!

Camera Quality

This is more than enough camera for all practical purposes. 1080p. If you aren’t filming a Hollywood promo, you will be MORE than fine. High definition images and video with a rotating gimbal camera, there will not be an image you won’t be able to get.

You’ll have the ability to take both high quality videos and Instagram-worthy pictures. And if you want to set-up timed shots for a selfie or action picture, you have that capability as well!


This bad boy is basically indestructible. Zach has crashed is 3 separate times: into a tree in Thailand, a cabin in Vietnam, and another tree in Spain. And in Spain it fell from about 10 feet up right onto solid ground. And the Spark keeps spinning!

Sport Mode

The Spark has the ability to operate in ‘Normal’ mode, where it flies with extreme stability to ensure you are getting the best images and video possible. However, if you feel the need for speed, you can set it to ‘Sport’ mode and fly at breakneck speeds! When we first discovered ‘Sport’ mode, we were kids in a candy store, flying it around the house and through the neighborhood until the neighbors flipped out on us.

Surrounding Sensors

The Spark has sensors placed strategically around the body to do its best to avoid any potential collisions or crashes. Obviously, these aren’t foolproof, as Zach has demonstrated, but they are really good. The drone set off warning after warning each time Zach crashed it, you just have to recognize the warning and not be a moron like him.


The GPS functionality on this drone is fantastic as well. When you takeoff, the Spark will set a ‘home point’ where it will automatically return to (avoiding obstacles on the way) when it gets low on battery. It is also very helpful if you ever lose the drone in the clouds or can’t see it flying in the distance. The Spark always knows to come back home eventually!


Photography Equipment


We absolutely LOVE photography, and sharing pictures! These are the cameras we use on all of our adventures. The drone and GoPro help us get cool new perspectives (underwater, in the air, wide angle) and the Rebel we use on a day-to-day basis for most of our shots!


Full disclosure these are affiliate links. If you click them and buy the products we get a little bit of money, which helps us keep providing content to you for free!

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Spark Specs

What does the Spark weigh? Less than 1 pound.

Top speed? Over 30 miles per hour.

Battery length? Over 15 minutes.

Dimensions? Less than 6 inches long and wide, about 2 inches tall.

Camera Quality: 1080p

And the connection holds at distances over a mile. Think about that, you can fly this drone over a mile away, get some ridiculously epic footage, and then fly it back! Once it’s back, you can neatly fold in the propellors, place it into the carrying case, and head off on your merry way!

Pictures Taken on the DJI Spark:

Where You Can Get One

Best way is through the DJI site directly, but if you are an Amazon fiend (like we are) you can click the images below!

DJI Fly More Combo

Padded Carrying Case:

More DJI Spark Pics

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Now if only I can figure out how to get the drone to drop water balloons… Julie has basically been a human version of Dory in Finding Nemo on this trip. She's constantly in the water (🎵 just keep swimming 🎶), keeps talking about wanting to go to Australia, and has tried to make friends with a shark she named Bruce! I like to think if she's Dory then I'm tooooooootally Crush, duuuuuuuude. Which Pixar character are you and why? * ** *** ##tourismthailand #travelthailand #unlimitedthailand #phiphidon #backpackingasia #southeastasia #babeswhowander #shetravelz #traveltribeworldwide #girls_love_adventure #thetravelwoman #herwanderfullife #honeymooning #iamatraveler #iamtb #islandparadise #islandtour #unlimitedparadise #vacationmood #dronephoto #dronelife #beachbums #wonderfuldestinations #travelholic

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Is there a better place to see autumn colors than the Midwest?? Not a chance! It helps when you fly a tiny robot 500 feet in the air with a camera attached! Not pictured: Zach shivering and shaking in 30 degrees with no sleeves because he is a moron . 🍁 Today Julie is jumping on a train to Wisconsin to teach some little lads and ladies how to lead cheers like an absolute champion! Zach is huddled in the basement of our condo working on lolglobetrotting’s SEO strategy and our free SEO guide that will be on the site soon! 💻 Joke of the day: Where do most generals keep their armies?? 😂 Also every day is better when Kygo drops a new banger 🎵 ••••• #fallleaves #falladventures #autumnleaves #changingleaves #autumncolors #fallvibes #seasonschange #fallisthebestseason #northernwisconsin #wisconsin #travelwisconsin #autumnvibes #fallseason #cheesestate #travelWI #naturalwisconsin #midwestisbest #getoutside #outdoorsy #outdoortones #theearthoutdoors #outdoorshoot #hikingadventure #takeahike #awakethesoul

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We have a hilarious inside joke going where Julie tells me to fold my clothes and put them away, and I laugh and go to the next room. I tell ya, this fun banter is really what keeps a relationship going. What is super weird is that my Mom and I used to have the same joke 😂 the women in my life are just hysterical! Missing ripping the drone around Vietnam right about now. For my dong (Vietnamese money, you sickos), there wasn't a more beautiful island than Hon Ba! * ** *** #drone #dronesdaily #droneoftheday #dronephotography #dronestagram #fromwhereidrone #dronespace #travelvietnam #vietnamtrip #vietnamcharm #igvietnam #wonderfulglobe #wondermore #worldcaptures #worlderlust #worldtravelbook #worldtravelig #worldtravelpics #worldtrotter #youmustsee #adventurelovers #adventurethatislife #adventuretravel #alwaysbetraveling #awesome_earthpix #awesomeearth #awesomeglobe

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More DJI Spark Videos

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