7 Best Day Hikes in Grand Tetons National Park – Vlog

Our Full 7 Day Grand Tetons Itinerary with Hikes AND Camping Recommendations!~

The Grand Tetons was our favorite place to hike in the entire United States, and we have been to quite a few hiking destinations! The combination of huge mountain, gorgeous likes, prosperous wildlife, and great trails makes for a cocktail of epic hiking proportions! Oh, and that doesn’t even take into account camping! The Grand Tetons area has some INCREDIBLE and FREE camping options that will absolutely blow you away.


0:00 – Introduction
1:52 – Day 1 – Jackson Lake to Hermitage Point (#5 Favorite Hike)
2:30 – We spotted a bear!
3:43 – Day 2 – Grand View Point to Two Ocean Lake and Emma Matilda Lake (#2 Favorite Hike)
5:50 – Day 3 – Signal Mountain Hike (#4 Favorite Hike)
8:25 – Day 4 – Jenny Lake Loop to Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point (#3 Favorite Hike)
11:10 – Day 5 – String Lake Loop & Taggart Lake Loop with Bradley Lake (#1 Favorite Hike!)
13:08 – Julie Wipes Out in the Snow!
14:08 – Day 6 – Bradley Lake to Garnet Canyon (#6 Favorite Hike)
16:33 – Day 7 – Death Canyon to Patrol Cabin (#7 Favorite Hike)
18:31 – Free Camping outside Grand Tetons National Park in Bridger-Teton National Forest!
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20:28 – Outtakes and BLOOPERS
20:49 – Storytime – There was a Bear at our Van!

Day 1 – Hermitage Point

The hike to Hermitage Point is a wonderful start to your Grand Tetons experience! The hike itself is pretty long – just under 10 miles – but it is along the lake for pretty much the entire time, so there is not much in terms of elevation change. It feels like an easy walk, only the walk has some of the best views this planet has to offer! And Hermitage Point itself is…WOW! THe point sticks out into Jackson Lake in a way that gives an absolutely wonderful panorama view of the Teton Mountain range. Also, we saw a bear on the return trail walking around Jackson Lake!

Day 2 – Grand View Point, Two Ocean Lake, Emma Matilda Lake

This hike is a bit more challenging, but also more rewarding than the hike to Hermitage Point. The hike we describe is not one single named trail in Grand Tetons, but is the combination of parts of 3 separate trails. However, when you combine the trails as we did, the reward is 3 separate STUNNING sites all achieved by hiking less than 10 miles! If you did all 3 trails separately, you could do 20 miles EASILY! Our way is much better, in our opinion…

Day 3 – Signal Mountain

The Signal Mountain hike is basically a ‘must’ for anyone visiting Grand Tetons National Park. The hike offers an absolutely beautiful panorama view at the apex, but along the way is so much wildlife activity on a beautiful forest trail. The hike is moderately challenging, but is more than worth it at the top. Note that you can drive to the top of Signal Mountain if you’d like, however the hike is MUCH more rewarding if you are asking us…

Day 4 – Jenny Lake Loop

Jenny Lake is a stunning lake that is basically shaped like an ablong circle, making it perfect for a walk around the lake. The hike itself is over 7 miles, however there is not much in terms of elevation gain – after all, you are just taking a lap around the lake! On the opposite side of the lake, you’ll be able to see Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point, two incredible sites that are ‘musts’ on your visit to the Grand Tetons!

Day 5 – String Lake, Taggart Lake, Bradley Lake

This day was our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE day hiking in Grand Tetons National Park (and maybe ever!). The day started out with String Lake, which has a perfectly reflective stillness that DOUBLED the view of the mountains. After that, we went to explore Taggart Lake and Bradley Lake, each absolutely STUNNING in their own right. The 3 lakes we hiked to on Day 5 will always stick out as a special day for us, and one of the most beautiful days we’ve ever experienced while hiking National Parks.

Day 6 – Bradley Lake to Garnet Canyon

Garnet Canyon is a wonderful hike, and is often used by hikers that are doing multiple days in the Tetons backcountry. The canyon is a portal to the backside of the Teton Mountain range where, when snow is melted, the world seems to open up. The Garnet Canyon hike itself is wonderfully gorgeous, and offers a great view of the same Bradley Lake we hiked to the previous day!

Day 7 – Death Canyon to Patrol Cabin

We weren’t sure that we were going to be able to make it all the way to Patrol Cabin given the snow situation while we were there, however we were able to complete the hike! The Patrol Cabin is SUPER cool, and very interesting to think about when it was in use. A person was living in this cabin, patrolling the surrounding area, with essentially no contact with the outside world for DAYS at a time. What a TRIPPY experience that is for us to think about in present day!

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