Havasupai Falls Vlog – A Hiking & Camping Adventure Unlike Any Other

Hiking and Camping in Havasupai Falls was a top 5 experience of our entire lives. It is beyond incredible, indescribably beautiful, fantastically unique. Words and pictures won’t do it justice, but maybe a video will…

With this video we put together your one-stop go-to for everything you need to know about hiking and camping in Havasupai. Oh, and OF COURSE we included AS MANY videos and pictures from Havasupai as we could take! A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures. So it is simple math: this Havasupai video is worth a million words.


0:00 – Introduction
1:18 – Hiking in to Havasupai from on top of the Grand Canyon
2:46 – Camspite – How to Choose Where to Camp and set up your campsite!
3:50 – Havasu Falls First Visit!
4:55 – Start of Day 2 – Planned on hiking to Confluence, ended up going to Beaver Falls – find out why! Hint: bring the right shoes on your trip…
5:31 – First Mooney Falls Visit – the largest waterfall in Havasupai! Takes scary hike down to get there though…
6:51 – Beaver Falls – the most BEAUTIFUL waterfall not only in Havasupai, but on planet EARTH
7:37 – Hiking back to the campsite we met a few baaaaaaaad boys
8:28 – Start of Day 3 – Second try at hiking to Confluence – a full 16 miles!
10:41 – Made it to the Confluence! It was an INCREDIBLY beautiful hike
12:19 – Day 4 – hiking out – and…BLOOPERS!

Havasupai Falls is a literal wonderland. No place on earth has this mix of stunning blue water, enormous waterfalls, and steep canyons.

It is LITERALLY in the Grand Canyon people. The canyons surrounding Havasupai Falls could NOT be better, after all there is no place on earth called the Grander Canyon…

Stop 1 – Havasu Falls

You will finish your hike down the Grand Canyon by being treated to one of the most stunning waterfalls EVER! Havasu Falls. 100 feet tall, blue water flowing over red rocks into a deep pool below.

Stop 2 – Camp Havasupai

Selecting your campsite in Havasupai Falls is CRUCIAL to having the time of your life. We will share all of our tips and tricks we learned on the ground.

Stop 3 – Mooney falls

After you select a campsite, you can head to the South end of the campsite to see Mooney Falls. At 200 feet, twice as high as Havasu Falls, and even more beautiful, if that is even possible.

Stop 4 – Beaver Falls

During your 3 night trip (you can only go for 3 nights now starting in 2019…) you HAVE to go to Beaver Falls MULTIPLE times. Beaver Falls is Julie’s favorite place in the world. Not saying that as a figure of speech. It is her favorite place in the world. Period.

Stop 5 – Confluence

If you feel up to the task, the Confluence of Havasu Creek and the Colorado River is 8 miles EACH WAY, but oh so worth it! Havasu Creek = BLUE. Colorado River = Brown. When the two rush together, the colors don’t blend, they swirl. Like a cotton candy & chocolate frozen yogurt creation!

If you want to read more about hiking and camping in Havasupai Falls we wrote a 7,500 work How-To guide with a complete packing list, hiking guide, itinerary, and suggestions on getting a permit! We even tell you how to get a permit if you missed the February release of permits for this year! We can help.

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