Van Life Diary – March 2019

Van Life Diary – March 2019 Edition – Ruhls of the Road is spending 2019 on the road, living out of a van and experiencing as much as we can! We want to hike every national park mountain peak, snorkel the heck out of every amazing swimming hole, camp on the countryside, and share the whole journey with you! We are going to create a page from scratch every month to share the journey

Where We’ve Gone

Minneapolis, MN — Oklahoma City, OK — Dallas, TX — Waco, TX — Houston, TX — Big Bend National Park

Fast Facts

  • March was a month we spent a lot of time at home. We had a wedding in Minnesota, and were lucky enough to spend time with Zach’s family and Julie’s family during our time in the Midwest! It was GREAT to catch up with friends and family for a few weeks!
  • However, this meant that March was not a month of huge adventure. We did spend the later half of the month road tripping down to Texas, and finished the month with an arrival at Big Bend National Park, where we are kicking off April!

Blogs from the Road Trip

March Van Life Budget and Costs

Our budget for March was smaller than our January and February budgets because we were spending so much time with Family. We knew we would probably have higher entertainment expenses, but fewer gas and grocery trips, so those expenses would probably be lower.

What was our budget? And did we stick to it? Click the image to find out!

Photos from the Road Trip to Texas!

During our trip down to Houston, we made a few much-needed stops along the way! We stopped in Oklahoma City to visit the memorial of the bombing of the federal building. This was an extremely humbling experience. We didn’t take pictures here, however we recommend this stop to anyone traveling through Oklahoma, as it is an important and very powerful memorial.

We also stopped in Dallas, Texas to visit the Grassy Knoll and the John F. Kennedy Memorial. Again, this was an extremely powerful sight and experience, one that we highly recommend.

As HUGE Fixer Upper fans, we HAD to stop at Magnolia in Waco, Texas! We stopped for more-than-a-few hours, and ended up buying a small basket for our van! Chip and Joanna Gaines are basically who we want to grow up and be.

Finally, we got to spend time with our family in Houston! Our nephew JP is a ball of energy and is SO much fun to be around!

Van Improvements

During March, while we were in Minnesota, we added a few much-needed improvements to Winnie:

  1. Rooftop Deck – we didn’t need all of the storage we had on our roof, and we really wanted a spot to sunbathe and stargaze. So…. we built one! And we absolutely LOVE it so far!
  2. Indoor Sink – before March, our kitchen pulled out from the back of the van. That wasn’t working. It was a hassle every time, and we ended up just not using it enough. Sooooooo we put our sink inside! We had to rearrange some things, but it works MUCH better now
  3. Pin Map – We have an awesome Mapiful map that we originally thought we’d hang in a home. Turns out we were right, sort of. It is our mobile home Winnie! We hung the map on the sliding door, and are putting pins in all of the cool places we go in Winnie!

Off to Next

We ended the month arriving in Big Bend National Park in Texas! We are incredible excited to get out and explore one of the best National Parks in the country!

After Big Bend, we will head up to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. From there, it is off to Arizona, where we will go through Tucson and Phoenix on our way up to the Grand Canyon and…drum roll…Havasupai Falls!

Blog Posts from Ruhls of the Road

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