Ruhls of the Road Vlog – Week 2 – Kootenay National Park

Hi! We are Zach & Julie & Kobe Ruhl, the creators of Ruhls of the Road! We are launching this YouTube channel to document our adventure living out of our Do It Yourself CamperVan – Winnie! Winnie is an absolute beauty of a vehicle – a 2001 Volkswagen Eurovan who loves living the van life.

We have been living the van life since December 2018, and have been loving every day exploring, adventuring, hiking, camping, and doing the darn thing!

Every week, we are posting a brief recap of the previous week showing all of the cool and crazy shenanigans we got ourselves into that week! There will be some tears, some laughs, some scrapes & bruises, and a whole lot of adventure along the way.

This video is recapping our time in…drum roll please…Kootenay National Park! One of the most BEAUTIFUL national parks north of the United States border in Canada!

Hiking and Camping in Kootenay National Park has been a FANTASTIC experience. Why? A few reasons!

  • First off, the trails in the park are wonderful. We hiked the Dog Lake Trail, Paint Pots Trail, and Stanley Glacier Trail all in 2 glorious days.
  • Second, the Hot Springs. Radium Hot Springs is located on the main road through the park, and is one of the most FUN hot springs we’ve ever been to! They have a HUGE hot pool, an even BIGGER cold pool, and a diving board and two slides! Also, they have showers, which we needed after finishing those hikes…
  • Third, they allow dogs! If you ask us, the United States is behind on this one, not allowing dogs in National Parks. Our chihuahua Kobe LOVES to get out on the trails, and he gets to in Canada!
  • Fourth – We saw our first bald eagle in 6 months! The first 6 months were spent in the USA and we didn’t see an eagle until we got to Canada… figures.


0:00 – Introduction from Canada!
0:59 – Kootenay National Park Montage
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We truly believe that people can learn SO much about themselves AND about other cultures by traveling. Hitting the road and experiencing new places, people, & things will open up anyone’s mind to new things they never dreamed before! Check out our Wanderful Destinations page on our blog to get our tips & tricks on amazing places we’ve been to around the world!

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