10 affordable honeymoon destinations in Europe. Visit one of these amazing and cheap Europe destinations for a romantic honeymoon and trip of a lifetime. Take a honeymoon on a budget without sacrificing beauty or romance. These cheap honeymoon destinations are perfect for couples on a budget. Travel Europe for a honeymoon you won't forget.

10 Incredible Budget Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

YAY! You are getting married! And one of the very best parts about getting married, other than spending your life with your spouse of course, is getting to jet off an an incredible honeymoon. However, sometimes you spend all your money on the wedding, so you are forced to have look for budget honeymoon ideas, but you still want your trip to be an incredible experience in a new and beautiful place. Well, good thing you are here! We are bringing you a series of AMAZING budget honeymoon destinations that are all around the world. In this article we are going to bring you the 10 best budget honeymoon destinations in Europe. These are the most beautiful places on the entire continent, and you can have the trip of a lifetime, all on a shoestring budget. Are you ready? We sure are! Let’s get to it, the 10 best budget honeymoon destinations in Europe.

Galway, Ireland

Suggested by: Emer and Nils from Let’s Go Ireland

If you are looking for a romantic budget honeymoon destination in Ireland, then look no further. Galway, on the west coast, should be at the top of your list! This city, which is the European Capital of Culture 2020, boasts so many free attractions that it is easy to have a fabulous trip on a small budget.

Galway is known for its street buskers who perform their acts on Galway’s small romantic cobbled-stone streets. It is easy to lose track of time while watching their often incredibly good performances.

Another romantic thing to do is to learn about the history of Ireland’s most famous ring in the Legend of the Claddagh Ring Museum. This museum is free of charge and tells you all about the Claddagh ring, which is a symbol of love, friendship and loyalty. Another top class museum with free admission is the Galway Museum, which tells you all about the history of Galway

Besides free cultural activities, Galway has some of the most stunning natural surroundings in the world. For some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in Ireland you might want to rent a car for a day and enjoy the scenic Connemara National Park. Alternatively, why not enjoy a romantic stroll down the Salthill Promenade just outside of Galway city centre, which is easily one of the most beautiful waterfront walkways in Ireland.

Galway Ireland is a perfect budget friendly honeymoon destination in Europe. Take a honeymoon on a budget and see amazing Ireland landscapes and learn all about Irish culture. Galway Ireland will be an adventure and a romantic honeymoon destination you and your partner will always remember.
Take a romantic and budget friendly European honeymoon to Galway Ireland

Lisbon, Portugal

Suggested by: Bruna at Maps ‘N Bags

Pastel-colored houses, intriguing tiles, and an incredible food scene, Lisbon is one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in Europe. The city is packed with family-owned restaurants hidden in cobblestone streets and filled with excellent wine. Unlike other European capitals, Lisbon is relatively affordable, and eating out (and well) won’t break the bank here.

When my husband and I were planning our honeymoon in Portugal, we weren’t sure whether to go to Lisbon or Porto–we ended up going to both. Although Porto is more affordable than the Portuguese capital, Lisbon has a bohemian feel that made us fall in love with the city.

Still, it is essential to book your trip in advance to snag good deals. By doing that, you can easily find accommodation for as little as €50/day. As for eating out, find one of those family-owned venues outside the touristy routes, and you will spend around €10-15 on a heavy meal that will keep you full for hours. Beyond that, the funky bars and traditional bakeries coexist in perfect harmony and fill you up well, depending on what time of the day it is.


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Needless to say, as a hilly city, Lisbon is filled with romantic spots to watch the sunset. Newlyweds can also go for a romantic stroll holding hands along the River Tagus promenade, or head over Cascais for a lovely day trip in a fishing district of Lisbon. Oh, and Cascais also has some pretty enjoyable beaches to sunbathe. Whether you can swim or not will depend on the season as the water here can be very cold.

If you’re looking for a budget honeymoon in Europe where you can enjoy eating and drinking well with your significant other, Lisbon is your best bet!

Lisbon Portugal is a perfect budget friendly honeymoon destination in Europe. Take a honeymoon on a budget and see amazing Lisbon landscapes and learn all about Portuguese culture. Lisbon Portugal will be an adventure and a romantic honeymoon destination you and your partner will always remember.
Take a romantic and budget friendly honeymoon to Lisbon Portugal

Crete, Greece

Suggested by: David Angel from Delve into Europe

Crete, the largest island in Greece, is one of the most romantic places in the world to start your married life together. The landscape is incredibly dramatic, with the White Mountains and hundreds of breathtaking beaches to explore. It also has some beautiful cities, towns and villages to discover.

One of the best places to stay is the city of Chania, especially the romantic Old Town. Between Spring and Autumn, the harbour and squares are buzzing late into the night with people out dining and drinking outdoors. Splantzia Square in the old Turkish district is one of the best, with cafes open well into the night. The backstreets close by are stunning, with tiny medieval houses huddled together along narrow alleyways. Restaurants are tucked away in cool, shady corners, with bougainvillea flowers overhead.

Crete’s beaches are amazing, with the best of them on the west side of the island. You can drive most of the way to Balos Beach, and catch a ferry from the port of Kissamos, or drive down the coast to Elafonissi, a famous beach with a fringe of pink sand. Falassarna is another gorgeous beach, with relatively cheap accommodation, especially in the shoulder season, and several great value tavernas.

Prices are highest in summer, so May, June, and October are the best times to go. You also miss the worst of the crowds. In October you’ll often find rooms in the 50 euro range, perhaps even less. A meal for two usually works out at around 30-35 euros, especially at the tavernas in the smaller resorts.

Crete Greece is a perfect budget friendly honeymoon destination in Europe. Take a honeymoon on a budget and see amazing Crete landscapes, Crete beaches and learn all about Greece culture. Crete Greece will be an adventure and a romantic honeymoon destination you and your partner will always remember.
Take a romantic and budget friendly honeymoon in Europe to Crete Greece

Tuscany, Italy

Suggested by: Chrysoula from Travel Passionate

If you want a honeymoon to remember but don’t have the budget to fly to far-flung destinations or remote tropical islands, that is okay! There are some incredible, budget-friendly honeymoon destinations right in Europe, such as Tuscany, Italy!

Italy, and Tuscany in particular, is a fantastic destination for a honeymoon, as not only is the weather good and the landscape beautiful, but there is an array of delicious food and wine too. This will ensure you can toast to your marriage in style. Plus, a three-course meal for two out will only set you back around €60 so you can dine on divine Italian cuisine until your heart’s content!

Start your honeymoon in the romantic city of Florence which boasts stunning architecture, picturesque winding streets and an amazing (and free) view from the Piazzale Michelangelo. From there, you can make your way out to the wine region where you can enjoy vineyard tours and walking, perhaps staying in a reasonably-priced Tuscan villa or boutique hotel. Staying in a villa means you can save a little money by buying fresh produce from local markets, enjoying a crisp salad on your terrace or balcony served alongside a bottle of Tuscan wine that will only cost around €5!

Visiting Tuscany in Spring and Summer means you’re pretty much guaranteed warm weather, so you can spend your days exploring regional hamlets, eating outside in local trattorias, walking in the rolling hills and chilling out on your private terrace.

Travel to Tuscany Italy for an incredible honeymoon on a budget. Try Italian wines and Italian food and see amazing Italian landscapes while driving through the gorgeous Tuscany countryside. Take an affordable honeymoon to Tuscany Italy for a romantic honeymoon you won't forget.
Tuscany Italy is a great budget friendly honeymoon destination in Europe.

Barcelona, Spain

Suggested by: Vicki from Vicki Viaja

Barcelona is, without any doubt, one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. The only reason why we didn’t choose it for our honeymoon is that we live there already! Hardly any other European city combines romantic beach holidays, great food, perfect weather, and breathtaking architecture so wonderfully with each other.

While Barcelona might be one of the most expensive cities in Spain, Spain, in general, is a way more affordable travel destination than Northern or Central European cities.
There are so many romantic activities in Barcelona. In addition to beautiful parks, such as Ciutadella Park, especially the Gothic city center, it is fantastic for a wonderful walk. Stroll through the narrow streets of the district and stop in the small boutique shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes that make this neighborhood so unique. Enjoy a few traditional tapas and try a full-bodied Spanish vino. Also, a sangria or ice-cold beer is the perfect refreshment here in summer.

Of course, you shouldn’t miss the city’s beach. What is more romantic than a beach vacation for two? Enjoy the Spanish sun that shows up almost every day in Barcelona. Refresh yourself in the cool water, sunbathe on the beach or enjoy the view of the Mediterranean from one of the many bars on the beach. And the best thing about the beaches in Barcelona? They are entirely free to use!

A great way to save money on accommodation is to use Airbnb (Please stay in a local place instead of renting a whole flat!) starting at about 25 € per night for a double room. You can eat out with your significant other in a nice restaurant for just about 10-20 € per person.

Take an affordable honeymoon to Barcelona Spain! Explore the city of Barcelona and see amazing Spanish architecture, learn Spanish culture and try delicious Spanish food. Then venture to the gorgeous Barcelona beaches for a romantic honeymoon in Spain!
Barcelona Spain is a stunning yet affordable honeymoon destination in Europe.

Istria, Croatia

Suggested by: Maya & Sari from Chasing Lenscapes

What’s your ideal honeymoon destination? Romantic, beautiful, lots of attractions, good food and budget-friendly, right? If you have a similar checklist, the Istrian peninsula might be the perfect honeymoon destination for you!

The Istrian peninsula is located in the westernmost part of Croatia and shares a border with Slovenia. You’ll find there beautiful medieval towns, quiet fishing villages, rocky beaches with crystal clear water, lots of attractions and stunning views. For the foodies among you, wineries, seafood and lots of truffles with a very budget-friendly price tag.

The best place to start your honeymoon is spending a few days in Rovinj, one of the most romantic cities we’ve ever been to. Rovinj’s old town used to be an island and everywhere you’ll go, you’ll see cobbled streets, pastel-colored houses, ancient monuments, a beautiful harbor, unique boutiques and stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. There are many hotels and apartments for every budget, and the food scene is one of the best in Croatia. 

Rovinj’s central location makes it the perfect place from which you can explore the inner parts of Istria. There are many lovely towns along the coast and inside the peninsula. You can rent a car or take the bus to visit some of these romantic little villages. You can also go wine tasting or olive oil tasting, take a tour to explore the nearby islands, rent a bike and go cycling around the peninsula, or just spend your days sunbathing and eating fresh seafood and truffle pasta. 

The Istrian peninsula is one of the best hidden gems of Croatia, and it’s also one of the most beautiful and romantic parts of the country. So if you are looking for a beautiful destination for your honeymoon in Europe, preferably not overcrowded, with lots of delicious food, various attractions and reasonable prices, Istria might be the perfect destination for you! 

Istria Croatia is a perfect budget friendly honeymoon destination in Europe. Take a honeymoon on a budget and see amazing Istria landscapes and learn all about Croatian culture. Istria Croatia will be an adventure and a romantic honeymoon destination you and your partner will always remember.
Take a romantic and budget friendly honeymoon to Istria, Croatia

Valencia, Spain

Suggested by: Valentina from Valentina’s Destinations

Valencia is the perfect place for your honeymoon because it’s cosmopolitan, it’s beachy, it’s historic and it’s cheap! Most of all, it’s incredibly romantic. You’ll be walking along cobblestone streets, surrounded by blooming flowers, drinking wine every night!

The most well-known attraction in Valencia is the legendary City of Arts and Sciences (an ultra-futuristic museum campus). Although, Valencia is also loved because of its Mediterranean beaches and temperate climate. You’ll find white sands, warm waters, and lush palms.

Many tourists visit Valencia because of its interesting history. You can visit 14th Century towers, 13th Century Cathedrals, and the real Holy Grail. Valencia is also considered the birthplace of paella. The typical Valencian paella is made with generous portions of seafood and saffron. With your paella, you’ll drink high quality, local, wines. It’s heaven for foodies and wine-lovers.

Valencia is a young, fun city with plenty of nightlife and entertainment. From restaurants to shows, you’ll always find something exciting in Valencia. Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain, so it’s pretty easy to get to by train or by air. Many of the historic churches and monuments can be visited for under 5 euros per person (but there are also free days every week). The beaches are also free to visit. You can stay at a 4-star hotel near the city center of Valencia (during peak season) for only $100-200.

Take an affordable honeymoon to Valencia, Spain. See gorgeous Spanish architecture, Valencia landscapes and try delicious Spanish food. Take a romantic honeymoon to Valencia for a stunning honeymoon destination you will always remember.
Valencia, Spain is the perfect budget friendly yet romantic getaway from a honeymoon in Europe.

Rome, Italy

Suggested by: Jan from Budget Travel Talk

Forget Paris and honeymoon in Rome the city of passion, where a romantic Trevi Fountain romp was immortalized in La Dolce Vita and where a certain General called Antony pined after an Egyptian Queen called Cleopatra. Many of Rome’s must see romantic icons like the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona are free to visit. 


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The long lazy shape of Piazza Navona comes from a previous life as the Stadium of Domitian. Paved over in the 15th Century it is now home to not one but three impressive fountains. Explore their marble beauty up close and then with a glass of wine from one of the many restaurant tables lining the piazza. 

Walking across Ponte Sant’ Angelo (bridge) with it’s towering angel statues by Bellini is another romantic and free thing to do in Rome. Relax and enjoy the moment before strolling beside the Tiber and into St. Peter’s Square. Finish by targeting the maze of streets in Trastevere, the once working class suburb on the banks of the Tiber. It’s now one of the most romantic places to stay in Rome. 

Although prices have risen it is still possible to have a simple meal in a vine covered Trattoria with wine for 25 euros or a Margherita Pizza at a Pizzeria for an affordable 7 euros.  A Romantic Trastevere Airbnb apartment, like Lovely & Quiet Vicola de Cinque, is a perfect honeymooner’s nest costing as little as 24 euros/night. To enjoy Rome to the full, just follow your feet and your heart. 

Rome Italy is an incredible affordable honeymoon destination in Europe. Learn European history and enjoy Italian culture by touring the city of Rome. Try delicious Italian food and see incredible Rome architecture. Rome Italy is a stunning and extremely romantic European city that is perfect for a budget honeymoon.
Rome Italy is the perfect destination for a budget friendly honeymoon in Europe.

Milos Island, Greece

Suggested by: De Wet & Jin from Museum of Wander

Milos starts working its magic from the moment the ferry docks in Adamas. This white washed town with boats in the harbor and friendly family-run tavernas along the waterfront is the perfect place for your dream honeymoon in Greece. Milos ticks all the boxes for the ideal honeymoon island, from rustic villages to historic sites to stunning cerulean blue waters lapping on sandy beaches. Best of all is that most things to do in Milos won’t cost you a penny.

You don’t come to Milos for boutique hotels with infinity pools. That is Santorini. You don’t come here to party all night long. That’s Mykonos. Come to Milos for laid back vibes, traditional Greek hospitality, cozy tavernas by the sea, mediterranean landscapes dotted with olive groves, small white washed villages, and possibly the best beaches in Greece. This island is all about enjoying the beach, lazy lunches and siestas – it is your honeymoon after all.

Lovely Milos has the most beaches of all the islands in the Cyclades and man, are they gorgeous! Rent a scooter in Adamas (20 euros/day) and beach-hop your way around the island. Don’t miss Sarakiniko beach. If they ever find water on the moon it will look something like this. For some history check out the ancient theater (free) and catacombs (€4) Explore the maze of white washed alleys of Plaka. Pack a bottle of wine and climb to the top of the castle (free) in Plaka for a stunning sunset.

Do not leave Milos without going on a yacht cruise around the island. Walk around the harbor at night after dinner and check out the boats and talk to the captains. This fun day out costs about €50 per person for a full day cruise with no more than 10 other people. You’ll stop at a few stunning beaches and have a delicious home cooked Greek lunch on board.

For the best Greek breakfast in town and genuine hospitality, base yourself at the budget friendly Dionisis Studios, just behind the waterfront in Adamas. End your honeymoon in Milos with a few days in Athens to overdose on everything ancient and you’ll have enough memories (and money left over) to last a lifetime together. 

Milos Island Greece is a perfect budget friendly honeymoon destination in Europe. Take a honeymoon on a budget and see amazing Greek landscapes, Greek beaches, and learn all about Greek culture. See Greek architecture and try Greek food too!. Milos Island Greece will be an adventure and a romantic honeymoon destination you and your partner will always remember.
Take a romantic and budget friendly honeymoon to Milos Island Greece

Budapest, Hungary

Suggested by: Zach & Julie from right here at Ruhls of the Road


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Budapest, Hungary makes for an excellent honeymoon destination, and offers TONS of awesome things to do for free or cheap! For starters, let’s talk about where to stay. Budapest has very inexpensive places to stay on Airbnb for 20 euros/night. There are hotels available as well, typically for a bit more expensive than that, but still relatively cheap overall.

Budapest is a place full of fun things to do. Our favorite activities were walking along the Danube River and seeing the Hungarian Parliament building, the Shoes on the Danube monument, and the Szechenyi Bridge (Chain Bridge). Also while exploring, we rented a little pedal-car and explored all of Margaret Island, and HIGHLY recommend that. Pedaling through the park was a blast, and got us from A to B faster than walking would have!

For a romantic night, take a nighttime dinner cruise on the Danube. At night, the most famous buildings and landmarks in Budapest are bathed in orange light from the base. On the Danube dinner cruise, you’ll get to see this wonderful site while enjoying an authentic Hungarian dinner. Enjoy some yummy wine, and of course each other’s company, while you see these amazing sites and eat all the delicious food you can get your hands on.

Budapest Hungary is a very affordable honeymoon destination in Europe. Explore Budapest and see gorgeous Hungarian architecture and try delicious Hungarian food. See the Chain Bridge and Parliament Building. Budapest Hungary is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. Stunning, romantic yet budget friendly!
Take an affordable honeymoon to the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary

We hope you found an awesome budget friendly honeymoon destination to enjoy with your new spouse. Venture off to Europe for a romantic honeymoon you won’t forget and enjoy incredible European architecture, European culture, European beaches and landscapes and of course, authentic European food and wine.

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