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Hi! We are Julie & Zach & Kobe Ruhl, a couple (and pup) sharing our ‘Ruhls of the Road’ as we roam the globe!

Our 2019 Van Life Route

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Week 7 – Seattle

Week 6 – Vancouver and the Yearly Cabin Trip!

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Video – 9 Best Hikes in Glacier National Park!

Wanderful Destinations

Check out our handy dandy map which shows our travel recommendations in destinations around the world!

Havasupai Falls Hiking & Camping – An Ultimate Adventure

Van Life Diary

We are spending 2019 living out of our converted 2001 VW Eurovan! We plan on exploring everything that North America has to offer, focusing on amazing National Parks, scenic bike rides, and snorkel destinations. Join us as we diary the adventure and share with you!

How we Brew Coffee Every Day on the Road!


Video – Top 7 Hikes in Grand Teton National Park!

A little about us

We met in Minneapolis in 2012 right after we both graduated from the University of Minnesota, and so began a whirlwind love affair. One complete with Zach standing outside Julie’s window blasting a boombox and Julie swooning over love letters written to Zach in perfect pen.

Of course, in reality our courtship was full of football tailgates, raucous cabin weekends, and of lots of travel! We would love to share our experiences, advice, and stories with you. That’s why we created Ruhls of the Road!

We Created a Facebook Travel Community!

We launched the Ruhls of the Road Travel Community to be able to talk advice, tips, suggestions and all things travel! The intention is for every member to be able to share their stories and advice on different places around the world! Click below to be taken to the page!

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Travel Tip Blogs

Julie’s #1 Travel Destination at the Moment

Seeing the Northern Lights at the fjords of Norway. The Northern Lights are more of a visual experience than a destination, and we have never experienced them! From what we’ve heard, Norway has the clearest, brightest, most beautiful view, especially when framed by the famous fjords.

Zach’s #1 Travel Destination at the Moment

Hike the trail to Machu Picchu! Hiking the Inca Trail – talking the long trail, that takes upwards of a week – sounds like a mind-blowing experience. Hiking through Peruvian mountains and clouds, camping on the side of the trail, learning the culture and history that belongs to the trail, it all sounds overwhelmingly amazing!

Drone Video

We wrote a review of the DJI Spark, our travel drone that we absolutely love! Every shot in the video was taken on our Spark on trips to Spain, Vietnam, Seattle, Thailand, and more! It is compact, lightweight, easy to pack, easy to fly, and takes unbelievable footage!

Wanderful Destinations

Top 10

The 10 songs we canโ€™t get out of our heads at the moment!

In Flight

Decorate your trip from A to B.

Slope Shredding

Black diamonds or bunny hills, throw on some beats.

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