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Seattle was the absolute time of our lives! There is so much to do in the Emerald City, that there wasn’t enough time to do it all. We have to say, we had so much fun writing our Seattle City Guide, because it was so freaking fun to live it!

Seattle really has something for everyone. Hiking? Check. Foodies? Check. Breweries? Check. History? Check. City excursions? Check. Beach life? Check. We can’t think of anything that we couldn’t do there! As long as the weather was right. Without further ado, here is lolglobetrotting’s Official Seattle City Guide.

Pike Market Place

Did you even go to Seattle if you didn’t visit Pikes Market Place? And now we understand why! This cute little market is full of fresh flowers (ahem men??), fresh fish, fresh fruit, homemade cheese, fresh veggies…basically any and all things fresh!

Our highlight was watching the famous fish toss. It’s seriously entertaining and a great Seattle tradition that you should not miss. If they aren’t throwing as you walk up, just ask the guy at the counter and they’ll toss a few for you 🙂

There is also quite a few souvenir shops, making it the perfect place to buy a sweet gift for that someone special! 

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Watching the fish being thrown and the Public Market reminds me of Zach on our first date. He was a little oily (too much hair gel?) didn’t have any guts (no try for a kiss?) and smelled funny (take it easy on the Axe next time Casanova…) Thankfully those concerns melted away when I saw his wicked dance moves. I was mesmerized at the way his body moves, until I suddenly realized my tongue was out and my jaw was on the floor. That boy got bars! . #pikesplacemarketmarket #publicmarket #seattlewashington #originalstarbucks #starbuckscoffee . • • • • • #baecation #bucketlistcouple #coupletravelgoals #couplegoals #globetrotters #travellingcouple #usaprimeshot #seattlelife #visitseattle #travelseattle #adventureawaits #adventureinspired #adventurelovers #alwaysbetraveling #awesupply #backpackingusa #bestintravel #driftr #travelbloggers #gothere #gosomewhere #iamtb #lifewelltraveled #liveyourdream

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The Original Starbucks

Start your Pikes Market Place adventure at The Original Starbucks so you can enjoy a fresh cup of joe while you wander! However, the line is no joke. You may be able to finish a cup of coffee just while waiting for your coffee. If you’re a coffee lover you gotta try the Pike’s Place Roast!

If you’re looking to save some time, then have one person in your party hang out in the Starbucks line while the other grabs some Beecher’s Mac & Cheese or some Piroshky Piroshky. Good lord you have got to try these two slices of heaven! If you like cheese and sweet bread, you’ll never want to leave Pike’s Place.


Seattle is surrounded by great hiking. If you like to hike, check out our hiking guide where we talk about our favorite hikes in the area:

Columbia Center – Sky View Observatory

Seattle has 2 options for an overview of the city, the Columbia Center Sky View Observatory and the Space Needle. Don’t get us wrong, the Space Needle is the most iconic building in Seattle, but we recommend the Columbia Center.

The Space Needle is more expensive than the Columbia Center and you can’t even see the famous building from the lookout! From the Columbia Center you can enjoy the city view from the 73rd floor for $20 (if purchased online, $22 at the door).  Plus you may even be able to catch a Seahawks or Mariners game from the top.

University of Washington

If you visit in Spring (best time is late March, early April), visit the University of Washington. It should be a no-brainer. This campus had us seriously rethinking our college experience.

Grab a fresh cup of Starbucks, throw on your Ugg Boots and take the Link (Seattle’s public train) up north to UW. You will blend in perfectly with the hundred other basic betches enjoying the season. What’s the trip all about? Cherry blossoms, my friend.

You’re thinking ‘aren’t those just trees with a few flowers on them?’ Well, maybe… But they are UNBELIEVABLE when they are in bloom. A forrest of pink, straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. You won’t appreciate it until you go.

Also, while you’re visiting you should check out Drumheller fountain on campus. You will be treated to a perfectly framed view of Mt Rainier off in the distance.

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Happy Earth Day y’all! Zach is lookin at me basically the same way that he looks at his Chipotle burrito. Yeah we know guac is extra but so are we, so dig that spoon into that bucket of green goodness and put a double scoop on that mountain of rice and beans and have a nice day 🌯🥑 I am just noticing that I had the perfect opportunity to push Zach into this duck pond for a quick bath 🛀 perfect chance with Mt Rainier framed between the trees and everything, missed opportunity 😮🤔😑. ••••• #universityofwashington #mtrainier #seattlewashington #wanderwashington #travelcouple . • • • • • travellifestyler #travellover #travelon #travelmore #travelmoreworryless #worldtravelpics #worldtrotter #youmustsee #travelwithbae #travelwithlove #youandaview #outdoorsusa #beautifulcampus #travelwithme

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West Seattle

Take a ferry ride across the bay to West Seattle to get an awesome view of the Seattle skyline. While you’re there, grab some grub at Marination. You can’t miss this place, literally and figuratively. You will run into it right when you get off the ferry. If it’s nice, head to the beach or the park nearby to enjoy the view and some sunshine!

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Jules is a such a beast, she puts Seattle on her back 💪🏼💪🏼 Right after we failed 6 times at the Dirty Dancing lift (but got it on lucky #7) we went and played Spike Ball in the park, where Jules wreaked havoc with her power slams on me, to the delight of anyone within eyesight. It is pretty emasculating to have your wife saw you in half athletically in front of your family, but I guess that's marriage to this one 🙅🏻‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️. ••••• #visitseattle #seattlewashington #exploreseattle #pnwdiscovered #seattleskyline . • • • • • #visittheusa #usaprimeshot #traveltogether #traveltogetherto #travelwithbae #travelwithlove #couplesthattravel #youandaview #bestcitybreaks #cbviews #skylinesskylinelicious #skylinemagazine #wanderwashington #emeraldcity #pnwparadise

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Underground Tour

Did you know Seattle has an underground? If you are a history buff, we would HIGHLY recommend doing the Seattle Underground Tour. Even if you’re not (ahem, Julie) it is still pretty freaking awesome. You will be FASCINATED by all of the interesting stories you’ll hear about how Seattle got to where it is today.

We thoroughly enjoyed Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour. The guides were hilarious and taught us so much about the makings of Seattle as we know it. It actually has a crazy history which involves shit in the streets (literally…), city-wide fires, prostitutes, and more!


Where to Eat

Our favorite place we ate at in Seattle was Kedai Makan. First off, they give you some big ol portions. We were happy campers, and very full happy campers at that. Kedai Makan serves traditional Malaysian dishes that are to die for. Our personal favorites were the Roti Jala and the Mushroom Pan Mee.

If you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll want to head to Taylor’s Shellfish. Some of the best oyster’s on God’s green earth. You might even get to crack them yourself if you’re up for it!

While you’re in Seattle, we recommend setting an early alarm and doing a hike right away in the morning! Then you can follow it up with any of these excursions around Seattle to make each day of your stay as great as can be!

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