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Seattle is a fantastic place to visit year round. However, we personally think that the Spring is the best time to head to Seattle. There are so many things to do in Seattle in March, April, and May that it will make your head spin! We believe it so much that we wrote an official Seattle travel blog about it!

Seattle was the absolute time of our lives! If anything, our only complaint was that there wasn’t enough time to do it all. We have to say, we had so much fun writing this, you simply have to put these items on your Seattle bucket list. If it was this much fun to write it, it will be so freaking fun to live it!

Seattle really has something for everyone. Hiking? Check. Foodies? Check. Breweries? Check. History? Check. City excursions? Check. Beaches? Check.

We really can’t think of anything that we couldn’t do in Seattle! As long as the weather was right, and the Spring Seattle weather was absolutely beautiful for us. We even found a few of the best hikes near Seattle that we’ll tell you about! Without further ado, here is our official Seattle Travel Blog, our guide for things to do in Seattle in March, April and May.

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Walk Down Pike Place Market

Did you even go to Seattle if you didn’t visit the Public Market AKA Pike Place Market? And now we understand why! This cute little market is full of fresh flowers (*ahem* men??), fresh fish, fresh fruit, homemade cheese, fresh veggies…basically any and all things fresh!

Our highlight from Pike Place Market was watching the famous fish toss. Employees for the fish market toss salmon back and forth standing 20-30 feet apart with a few counters between them! And they catch them every time!

It is seriously entertaining and a great Seattle tradition that you should not miss. If they aren’t throwing as you walk up, just ask the guy at the counter and they will toss a few for you.

There is also quite a few souvenir shops, making it the perfect place to buy a sweet gift for that someone special! We simply had to start our Seattle travel blog with Pike Place Market, it is a MUST on any trip to Seattle.

Visit The Original Starbucks

While on your Pike Place Market adventure visit The Original Starbucks so you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee while you wander! However, sometimes the line here is no joke.

You may be able to finish a cup of coffee just while waiting for your coffee! If you’re a coffee lover you gotta try the Pike’s Place Roast! If you are looking to save some time, then have one person in your party hang out in the Starbucks line while the other grabs some Beecher’s Mac & Cheese or some Piroshky Piroshky.


Photography Equipment


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Good lord you have got to try these two slices of heaven! Both places were WILDLY delicious, among our favorite places we ate in Seattle. If you like coffee, cheese, and sweet bread, you may never want to leave Pike Place Market.

Best Hikes Near Seattle

When we think of Seattle, a lot of things come to mind. The birthplace of Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon. Seattle Seahawks, Mariners, Supersonics (bring them back!). Puget Sound and Lake Washington, maybe even whale watching at the right time of the year.

Hiking is pretty far down the list, but it should be much higher! And when people think of hiking in Washington they think of Mt Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula, which are incredible, but those are 4 hours of driving one way. Hold up, wait a minute. We know of a few STUNNING hikes that are less than ONE hour away from Seattle!

No, we are not puffin the magic dragon (though it is legal in Seattle…) this is the straight dope. The first 3 of these hikes are all about a half hour drive from Seattle, and number 4 isn’t much further. Let’s check out the very best hikes near Seattle!

1. Rattlesnake Ledge

This was one of our favorite hikes we’ve ever done, let me tell you why. LOW EFFORT, HIGH REWARD! The Rattlesnake Trail is a gradual and easy 2 miles (3.2 km) up thanks to the well engineered switchbacks. During the hike you find yourself surrounded by huge mossy cedar trees and nice boulders, you’ll like these boulders.

There is one ENORMOUS benefit of a trail being around 2 miles at a gradual incline: the dogs. If you are not a dog person, then feel free to opt out of this hike and on to some of the others, because the pups are out IN FORCE at Rattlesnake.

First off, there is an off-leash dog area at Rattlesnake Lake at the start of the trail. You might catch a glimpse of a Maltese or a few Husky pups if you’re lucky. Then, on the trail, you will run into at least 15 breeds.

We saw everything from a Great Dane to a Pomeranian, each one friendlier than the last. Pro tip: bring a few dog treats and this is no longer a hike, it’s a wilderness petting zoo experience you will not soon forget!

At the top you emerge from the forest to climb on the edge of sheer cliffs with a view of Cedar River watershed and Rattlesnake Lake. In the distance you get a picturesque view of Mount Si, Mount Washington, and Morse Lake. Check out the view, drink it in it always goes down smooth.

Another pro tip: pack a picnic, leave it in your car and enjoy it next to the lake after you finish your hike. The lake is a great place for a lunch and you can do so in view of the off-leash dog park.


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2. Poo Poo Point (seriously, that’s the name)

Haha that’s a funny made up hike. There is no way the Seattle Parks & Rec put their heads together and literally landed on Poo Poo Point as the name of a real place.

Well my friends, you are wrong. Poo Poo Point is real, and it is glorious. Only 30 minutes outside of the city center, this trek is one you won’t want to miss. It is moderately difficult, 3.6 miles each way and a few points where breaks were necessary. To pass the time, we played 20 questions (is it an elephant? is it a puppy?) and sang out loud (screamed) our favorite Rocky soundtracks to get us motivated.

Now, for a hike named Poo Poo Trail, there was absolutely nowhere to go, you know, poo poo. Zero porta-potties in sight on our 7 mile jaunt. That is a challenge for Julie, there was at least 2 separate instances of her whispering, ‘I want to take a poo poo on Poo Poo” and laughing maniacally.

“I want to poo poo on Poo Poo Point” – Julie

By that point we were already married, so my only choice in responding to comments such as these is to ‘lean in’ and accept that this is my life for the next 50 years.

At the crest of the mountain you get a gorgeous view of Issaquah and Lake Sammamish toward Bellevue’s downtown. Also visible from the peak are Squak Mountain and the Cougar Mountains, and maybe even a hint of Seattle’s downtown if it is a clear day.

Most days, especially during the summer months, you might even see some paragliders plunge off the edge of the mountain and glide down, finishing directly at the trail head. Pretty dang convenient if you ask us. If you are brave you can take the plunge yourself!?

3. Snoqualmie Falls

This “hike” is easy-peezy and well paved. The entire trail is only 1.4 miles, but the views are still absolutely awesome. Along the trail you will get a lower and upper view of the massive Snoqualmie Falls. And don’t you think for a second that just checking out 1 will suffice.

It’s like looking at boobs and butts. Yeah, technically you’re only looking at one body (of water in this case), but that doesn’t mean both aren’t equally beautiful and worthy of your attention.

Best Hikes Near Seattle – Snoqualmie Falls from the Bottom

The sheer power of Snoqualmie Falls is mind-boggling! Standing and looking out at the falls, you get the same feeling you get at the Grand Canyon, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. The feeling that nature is so incredible awe-inspiring, it gives you goosebumps in the best way!

Best Hikes Near Seattle – Snoqualmie Falls from the Top

4. Tuck and Robin Lakes

The final hike we are going to share is more of a wilderness experience than a hike. Tuck and Robin Lakes are nestled in the Cascade Mountain Range and are definitely among the best hikes near Seattle. This was one of the best hiking trips we ever had!


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Now, the Tuck and Robin hike is different than the other 3 we talked about. This one you will want to set-up camp for a night or two, making it a multiple day Seattle adventure. We made a YouTube video chronicling the trip, and would love it if you checked out our channel!

If you are interested in hiking and/or camping at Tuck and Robin Lakes, check out what the Washington Trails Association has to say about conditions and permits first.

On your next trip to Seattle, don’t think that you won’t be able to get to the great outdoors just because you are in a booming metropolis. There are amazing outdoor Seattle adventures right at your fingertips!

Do The Sky View Observatory at Columbia Center

Seattle has 2 options for an overview of the city, the Columbia Center Sky View Observatory and the Space Needle. The Space Needle is the most iconic building in Seattle, but we recommend the Columbia Center. Why? For a few reasons!

First, the Space Needle is more expensive than the Columbia Center and we are all about saving money wherever we can! Second, you can’t even see the Space Needle from the Space Needle of course! The coolest views of Seattle have the Space Needle in them, and you will get some awesome views from the Columbia Center

Third, the Columbia Center is the tallest building in Seattle. It is WAY WAY WAY taller than the Space Needle. From the Columbia Center you can enjoy the city view from the 73rd floor for $20 (if purchased online, $22 at the door). As an added bonus, you may even be able to catch a Seahawks or Mariners game from the top!

University of Washington – Seattle Cherry Blossoms

If you visit Seattle in Spring (best time is late March, early April), then the University of Washington should be a no-brainer. Well, in fact any time of year you visit you should make the trip to UW. This beautiful campus had us seriously rethinking our college experience.

Why is the University of Washington on top of the list of things to do in Seattle in March and April? Two words: Cherry Blossoms.

The Seattle cherry blossoms are UNBELIEVABLE when they are in bloom. A full-fledged forest of pink, straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. You won’t appreciate it until you go. The pictures don’t do it justice, something you’ll have to see to believe.

Also, while you’re visiting the University of Washington, you should check out Drumheller fountain on campus. On a clear day, you will be treated to a perfectly framed view of Mt Rainier off in the distance.


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West Seattle

Take a ferry ride across the bay to West Seattle to get an awesome view of the Seattle skyline. While you’re there, grab some grub at Marination. You can’t miss this place, literally and figuratively. You will run into it right when you get off the ferry.

If you head to West Seattle on a nice day, head to the beach or the park nearby to enjoy the view and some sunshine! Bring along a frisbee or Spike Ball and enjoy your time in the beautiful weather.

Seattle Underground Tour

Did you know Seattle has an underground? We didn’t either until we saw a few signs for the Seattle Underground Tour! And we are SO glad we did, this was actually an incredible experience.

If you are a history buff, we would HIGHLY recommend doing the Seattle Underground Tour. Even if you’re not (*ahem* Julie) it is still pretty freaking awesome. You will be FASCINATED by all of the interesting stories you’ll hear about how Seattle got to where it is today.

We thoroughly enjoyed Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour. The guides were hilarious and taught us so much about the makings of Seattle as we know it. It actually has a crazy history which involves poop in the streets (literally…), city-wide fires, the gold rush, prostitution scandals, and more!

Seattle Adventures – Do a Seattle Underground Tour – Perhaps on a Bad Weather Day if you Have One!

Where to Eat

Our favorite place we ate at in Seattle was Kedai Makan. Kedai Makan serves delicious Malaysion food, and they give you some big ol portions. We were happy campers, and very full happy campers at that. Kedai Makan’s traditional Malaysian dishes that are to die for. Our personal favorites were the Roti Jala and the Mushroom Pan Mee.

If you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll want to head to Taylor’s Shellfish. Some of the best oyster’s on God’s green earth. You might even get to crack them yourself if you’re up for it!

While you’re in Seattle, we recommend setting an early alarm and doing a hike right away in the morning! One of the hikes we talked about above should do just fine. Then you can follow it up with any of these excursions and food stops around Seattle to make each day of your stay as great as can be!

More Seattle Travel Blog Photos

Thank you so much for reading our Seattle Travel Blog complete with all of the Seattle adventures you can handle! We covered the best hikes near Seattle, the best things to do in Seattle in March and April, and of course some of our favorite food stops for you to enjoy!

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