Maui Guide – Road to Hana, Waterfalls, Beaches, & Haleakala!

A Maui Vacation is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Exploring this incredible island will leave you wondering why on earth you don’t uproot your life and move here! It is that beautiful. There is SO many unique experiences you can have on this island. Hiking through the jungle? Yep. Sunrise above the clouds on a volcano?Continue reading “Maui Guide – Road to Hana, Waterfalls, Beaches, & Haleakala!”

1 Week in Kauai – Hiking, Beaches, and Waterfalls

A vacation to Kauai, Hawaii is an absolute bucket list item. This island is absolutely INCREDIBLE, and so diverse considering how small the island itself actually is. Let’s talk about Kauai things to do during a week long vacation! Adventure, relaxation, we’ll get it all! You will find incredible Kauai hiking options, black sand beaches,Continue reading “1 Week in Kauai – Hiking, Beaches, and Waterfalls”

Alaska Cruise Tips, Hacks, Packing List, & Excursions

An Alaskan Cruise is an absolutely incredible and unique travel experience. You’ll see sights and sounds that you can’t find ANYWHERE else on earth, and you will do it in style! In this article we are going to walk you through our packing list, Alaska cruise tips & hacks, excursion recommendations, and more (including mistakesContinue reading “Alaska Cruise Tips, Hacks, Packing List, & Excursions”

Epic Weekend in New Orleans – for Free

We took a trip to New Orleans and spent an entire week exploring things to do in the Big Easy on a budget. We were EXTREMELY surprised (and pumped!) to find SO many amazing things to do in New Orleans for FREE! That’s right. I said we found a TON of things (a long-weekend’s worthContinue reading “Epic Weekend in New Orleans – for Free”

Road Trip Through Florida’s Hidden Gems

Florida has a TON to offer on any vacation. Warm weather, unbelievable sites, and of course beaches. But many people miss Florida’s hidden gems! One of the most unforgettable experiences you can have is road-tripping through Inland Florida. The coast of Florida is beautiful, but it is also very touristy. The non-coastal part of FloridaContinue reading “Road Trip Through Florida’s Hidden Gems”

Have the Time of Your Life – Amazing Key West

Key West is one of the most INCREDIBLE places on earth. Why? For more than a few reasons. Number 1, the water looks like a dang Impressionist painting that dreamed up by Monet. It literally looks fake. The pictures that come up when you Google ‘Key West water‘ speak for themselves, and these are notContinue reading “Have the Time of Your Life – Amazing Key West”

24 Hours in Reykjavik – The Blue Lagoon!

Why did we spend 24 hours in Reykjavik? It is a relatively common story actually! Flying from the USA to Europe often goes through Iceland, Reykjavik to be precise. If you find an extremely cheap flight to Europe, chances are you have a stop here, and we have a not-so-secret tip for you: take advantageContinue reading “24 Hours in Reykjavik – The Blue Lagoon!”

What to do in Wisconsin – Football, Cabins, Beer, and Cheese

Wisconsin is Julie’s home state. She grew up in Wisconsin Rapids, vacationed in Wisconsin Dells, learned to love the Wisconsin necessities (beer, sausage, cheese, football) and became the woman she is today! She knows this state inside out, and knows everything about what to do in Wisconsin. Let us be your guide! First up, football.Continue reading “What to do in Wisconsin – Football, Cabins, Beer, and Cheese”

3 Day Guide to Lisbon – A Portugal Paradise

Whether you are a Portu-gal or a Portu-guy, you are sure to have the time of your life in Lisbon. If you don’t like stupid jokes like that, might be best to find another article. Our goal in writing this is to give you the perfect 3 day guide to Lisbon, but also to tryContinue reading “3 Day Guide to Lisbon – A Portugal Paradise”