New Zealand Campervan Tips – How To Buy & Freedom Camping

If you plan on buying a campervan for your trip to New Zealand you are in the right place. We are going to explain everything you need to know when buying a campervan and living the New Zealand van life. You’ll learn where to find vans for sale, what REGO and WOF mean, how to pay for your van, and what New Zealand Freedom Camping with a self contained camper means. We’ll tell you how to do the change of ownership, get insurance, and of course driving on the left side of the road in New Zealand. You are well on your way to an awesome NZ campervan, let’s get to it.

How to Park Overnight Free Anywhere in the USA

When we started our year-long adventure living on the road, we knew we had a nut to crack: free overnight parking. We had renovated a van, now we had to figure out how & where to park it every night! We knew that if we broke the budget every night with a hotel or campsite,Continue reading “How to Park Overnight Free Anywhere in the USA”

Van Life Costs – First Month on the Road

Heading into our van life adventure, one thing that we were hyper-focused on was our van life costs. We had some money saved from working full time, and did not have a ton of money coming in each week. What did that mean? It meant that the more we spent, the shorter our adventure wouldContinue reading “Van Life Costs – First Month on the Road”

Solar Van Conversion (Under $500!) for Dummies

Any reading and research you do on van conversions will likely lead you to one conclusion: the electrical system in a van will make or break your conversion project. Throughout the renovation process, there is literally not one better feeling than when you flip on the lights (and fridge, outlets, stove, speakers, etc) and everythingContinue reading “Solar Van Conversion (Under $500!) for Dummies”