How We Spent a Week on Vacation WITHOUT Eating Out

We just finished an AMAZING time in the Florida Keys. We spent an entire week making our way through the Keys living in our van, having the time of our lives doing it. We had this entire vacation without eating out. We did excursions, went kayaking & stand-up paddleboarding, did walking tours of Key West, […]

Solar Van Conversion (Under $500!) for Dummies

Any reading and research you do on van conversions will likely lead you to one conclusion: the electrical system in a van will make or break your conversion project. Throughout the renovation process, there is literally not one better feeling than when you flip on the lights (and fridge, outlets, stove, speakers, etc) and everything […]

Baller Status – How to Spend the Most on Vacation

We know you have too much money, and are looking for ways to spend it any way you can. We’ll call it the Jeff Bezos problem. Lucky for you, we have a solution. On your next trip, there are going to be COUNTLESS ways to spend money when you don’t need to. Heck, you might […]

6 Proven Secrets to Negotiating While Traveling

Understand the Situation Step number 1 is typically the hardest for anyone just getting comfortable with negotiating. While traveling, you have to be able to recognize a situation where a negotiation is possible, and even expected and welcomed in some cultures. The easiest way to know when you are able to negotiate is when the […]