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4 Best Hikes in Yoho National Park

Oh Canada! Yoho National Park is the BIGGEST hidden gem in the Canadian Rockies, and maybe even all of Canada! When most people think of Canadian National Parks, the uber-popular Banff and Jasper National Parks come to mind. We are here to tell you that Yoho was even BETTER than Banff and Jasper!

We spent four days here and were blown away by the natural beauty of this place we had never heard of (and almost didn’t visit). But we are so glad we did! Emerald Lake, Takakkaw Falls, Natural Bridge, Twin Falls, Lake O’Hara, and so much more. There are so many things to see and do here that you don’t want to miss.

Yoho National Park’s hiking trails were the best we experienced in all of Canada and on top of that the free camping options were spectacular. Now let’s dive into our hiking and camping guide for your Yoho National Park adventure. 

Yoho National Park was one of the most underrated places we’ve been on our entire Van Life adventure! Without a doubt, this park blew us away. We want to, no, we NEED TO, tell you the 4 best hikes in Yoho National Park.

Let’s start with one simple question and answer. Where is Yoho National Park? This is a question worth asking, since we had absolutely no idea where this park was before we were basically on top of it.

Yoho is located right on the border of British Columbia and Alberta. This park actually shares a border with Banff National Park, and at the border is only a few miles from the world famous Lake Louise!

Google Maps Link

Okay, now that we know where we are going, let’s talk about what we are going to do! We are going to hike. Yoho National Park has some of the best hiking destinations on PLANET EARTH PEOPLE! Let us show you our 4 favorite hiking days…

#4 Best Hike in Yoho – Sherbrooke Lake & Paget Peak

For our first hike, we are going to take you on a hike that displays everything Yoho National Park is all about. Stunning blue-green lakes with impressive mountain backdrops, AND powerful peaks that stand tall overlooking the entire valley before you.

You are going to get both these experiences on the hike to Sherbrooke Lake and Paget Peak! The hike starts right off of the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1) that runs right through the heart of Yoho. However, the trail-head is only accessible from the North side of the highway, so you may need to do a U-turn to get there depending on where you’re coming from.


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The hike to Sherbrooke Lake and Paget Peak is going to make a ‘Y’ shape. The first mile (and last mile) are shared by the trails, but at the mile marker is a fork in the trail. Left takes you to Sherbrooke Lake, right takes you to Paget Peak. You can do them in either order, we chose to do Sherbrooke Lake first!

Hike Details

  • Distance: 11.3 km (7 mi)
  • Elevation Gain: (600 m (1970 ft)
  • Trailhead: Wapta Lake Trailhead

Sherbrooke Lake Hike

Google Maps Link

Sherbrooke Lake is a lake you will DEFINITELY want to hike to while in Yoho National Park. The hike to Sherbrooke Lake was an easy 3.2 mile out-and-back trail without much elevation gain. However, there is still an incredible reward at the end!

The trail leads you to a beautiful blue lake that gives off a gorgeous reflection of the surrounding mountains. This hike is much less popular than some of the others on this list, so we were able to take in this stunning view without being surrounded by other visitors. We passed maybe 5 other hikers on this trail which is always a sign we love while hiking.

There’s just something so special about being surrounded by nature in complete silence. The calmness of the water, the wind blowing through the valley and the sun sparkling on that blue water is something you need to experience for yourself.

We hung out here for quite some time admiring the views, taking pictures and enjoying a picnic. Kobe enjoyed chased away the chipmunks for us as we were taking down our lunch.

Speaking of Kobe, did we mention Canadian National Parks are DOG FRIENDLY?? Yes you can hike with your four legged friend, which made Kobe one happy pup and us two excited fur-parents. We always love taking him on hikes and we’ve got to give him credit for conquering some difficult elevation with those short, tiny legs!

Sherbrooke Lake, just like all of the lakes in Yoho National Park, is visually amazing, and unique in its own way. There is a lakeside trail that takes you along the entire length of the lake, and what makes it even more incredible is the mountain backdrop on the opposite end of the lake.

The view is wonderful and refreshing. Sherbrooke Lake is a great place to sit peacefully and enjoy a picnic, read a book, or just sit in nature and enjoy your surroundings. After hanging out at the lake for as long as your heart desires, it is time to climb the mountain… Paget Peak! If you are up for it that is…

Paget Peak Trail

Google Maps Link


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Paget Peak is the only mountain-top we are climbing on any of our hikes in Yoho National Park! Later on we are hiking icelines and plateaus, but no more peaks!

Now, because this full trail is a ‘Y’, there will be a fork in the trail where you can begin the hike to Paget Peak Lookout. This trail will add an additional 3.8 miles, and will involve some elevation gain.

This trail was rather strenuous with a lot of switchbacks towards the top, but the views along the way and at the top will help you push through. Take your time with lots of breaks for water as you don’t want to miss the treat at the top!

This trail takes you above the tree line to an old fire lookout offering jaw dropping views of those tremendous Canadian Rockies. You are able to see glaciers in the distance and the valley below, with a flowing river that leads your eye to a gorgeous glacier-fed lake.

Atop Paget Peak, all of Yoho spreads beneath you and you are able to see the horizon for the first time since arriving in this mountain wonderland. There are some advantages to hiking up mountains people!

In addition you can see Wapta Lake! Wapta Lake is an ENORMOUS lake right near the Trans-Canada Highway, and atop Paget Peak you’ll get the best possible overlook of Wapta. The winding Hwy 1 and the train-tracks that runs parallel are all visible from Paget Peak.

All in all, the hike to Sherbrooke Lake and Paget Peak is an EXPERIENCE, one that you will not soon forget. But of course our fun is not over yet. We still have a few hikes that were not just our favorite hikes in Yoho, not just in Canada, but in the WORLD!

#3 Best Hike in Yoho- Emerald Lake Loop

Google Maps Link

Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park is the most well known lake in the park and rightfully so. From the entrance of the park you will take the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1) to Emerald Lake Road, stay right at the fork past Natural Bridge (more on that later…), and follow it all the way to the end! About a 10 minute drive to Emerald Lake from the main highway. 

We recommend getting an early start this morning, since Emerald Lake is a popular place in the park and there isn’t much parking available. We arrived by 9 AM and had to park along the road and walk to the lake.


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The good news is that, even though this is a very popular place in the park, most people stay near the parking area! We recommend taking the hiking trail around the lake! It’s a flat 6.7 mile trail that will give you views of every area of the lake showing off that beautiful emerald-blue color!

The further you walk, the less tourists you will see. On a still day you will also get a perfect reflection of the surrounding mountains and the stunning Emerald Lake Lodge on the water creating a beautiful contrast between the blue water and log cabins.

But let us warn you, be prepared for a muddy trail, especially if it recently rained. You will definitely want to wear hiking boots for the extra traction and take your time. You don’t want to end up looking like a pig in a mud bath… These are the hiking boots we use and recommend. 

Men’s Hiking Boots

Women’s Hiking Boots

In all likelihood, you will probably be driving into Yoho from a nearby town like Field, Lake Louise, or Golden, or maybe you’re making the trip all the way from Calgary. Ideally, you are grabbing one of the free campsites we are going to show you later!

On Day 1 we are going to start off with the easiest hike of the 4 days. Don’t let that fool you, though. Day 1 is going to be INCREDIBLY beautiful. In fact, we will be showing you 2 of the most famous sites in Yoho National Park!

Hike Details

  • Distance: 10.8 km (6.7 mi)
  • Elevation Gain: 100 m (330 ft)
  • Trailhead: Emerald Lake Trailhead

Emerald Lake Hike

Emerald Lake is probably the most well known site in all of Yoho National Park, and with good reason. This lake is a STONE COLD STUNNER (if you aren’t an ‘Attitude Era’ wrestling fan don’t click that link).

Emerald Lake was named very appropriately, the water is a beautiful deep shade of green and blue, with the water color changing with the depth and amount of sunlight hitting the surface. The colors seem to change throughout the day. On your hike around the lake it will feel like you are constantly being transported to a new destination around every corner.

The hike itself is very easy. It is really just a lakeside stroll with beautiful water on one side, and enormous mountains on the other. And if you’re lucky, you might get to see some wildlife stirring about!

As we said earlier, many of Emerald Lake’s visitors come for the view, but don’t stay for the hike around the lake. Therefore, even though Emerald Lake is pretty busy at most times, it won’t be crowded on your walk around the lake. You’ll be able to escape the crowds and enjoy the sights and solitude that we love so much about the World’s National Parks!

#2 Best Hike in Yoho – Takakkaw Falls, Laughing Falls, Twin Falls, Celeste Lake & the Iceline Trail

That title is a mouthful. This will be a WILD day with SO SO SO many sites to see! You are going to want to get an early start because this day is chocked FULL of incredible sites and things to do. Also, the hike is a long one, so you will want to be prepared.


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This hiking path we will describe below was created by us! This isn’t a set trail that the National Park will advertise, but after looking at a map we discovered we could hit all of these hot spots if we did one big loop trail!

It’s an 18 mile moderately difficult hike with waterfalls, lakes, glaciers, and wildlife. You will see so much on this hike, we highly recommend you do this same route too. It will be an absolutely unforgettable experience!

This hike starts at Takakkaw Falls, which is on its own one of the most impressive sites in all of Canada. It is the 2nd largest waterfall in ALL of Western Canada!

From Takakkaw Falls there is a hiking trail that takes you North up to Laughing Falls, and ultimately to Twin Falls. These waterfalls, especially Twin Falls, are SO SO impressive and a beautiful sight to see. This is a 3 waterfall day (4 if you count Twin Falls as 2…)!

Now, once you get to Twin Falls, you are going to follow signs towards Celeste Lake on the Iceline Trail. One complaint we have about Yoho is that the trail maps you find online are not always the most complete. However, there are signs along the trails that point you in the right direction so you’ll know where to go.

Follow the Iceline Trail to Celeste Lake and onwards, and you’ll be able to see another incredible sight towards the end of the day: Takakkaw Falls from the top! We didn’t know we were going to see this until we saw it!

And the cherry on top? You will ALSO get to see Daly Glacier, the enormous icefield that feeds Takakkaw Falls! A whole waterfall ecosystem unfolding right before your very eyes.

Hike Details

  • Distance: 29 km (18 mi)
  • Elevation Gain: 1000 m (3300 ft)
  • Trailhead: Takakkaw Falls

Takakkaw Falls

Google Maps Link

Takakkaw Falls is over 250 meters of MADNESS! This waterfall is FREAKING ENORMOUS! It is tough to describe just how huge it is, you will have to see it with your own two eyes.

After visiting Havasupai Falls we have very high standards for waterfalls, and Takakkaw Falls definitely hit those high standards. We took the path that led us up close and personal to this giant beauty and it gave us our weekly shower while we were there!


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You might want to wear a rain jacket if you want to do the same, but don’t want to be wet for the rest of your hike. Here are the jackets we have and love!

Women’s Jacket

Men’s Jacket

Fortunately, this hike will give you PLENTY of chances to see Takakkaw Falls. The trailhead starts here, so you’ll be able to see the waterfall at the beginning and end off the day. Also, as we noted earlier, along the Iceline Trail you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the falls and Daly Glacier!

Laughing Falls

Most people will head back to their cars after Takakkaw falls, but we recommend you continue! This hike is just getting warmed up and there is so much more goodness waiting for you ahead.

After you pry yourself away from Takakkaw Falls, admittedly a tough job given how pretty it is, you’ll set off on the trail. Continue on the trail that points you towards Twin Falls.

Along the trail about 1/3 of your way to Twin Falls you will pass Laughing Falls. This waterfall is not as grand as the others on this trail, but it’s right on your path and is a great place to stop for a short break. We’re not sure how this fall got its name but maybe you can share some jokes while you’re here to get in the laughing mood!

Laughing Falls is much smaller than Takakkaw Falls, however you are able to get much closer! It is a trade off. Laughing Falls is great to look at in its own right, and it will be MUCH less busy than Takakkaw. Once you’ve gotten your fill of Waterfall number 2, it is time to continue down the trail! What is waiting for us? Waterfall number 3 (and 4) for the day!

Twin Falls

Twin Falls was our favorite falls on this whole adventure, and in all of Canada in fact. To be honest it isn’t really a fair comparison, because Twin Falls is really TWO waterfalls, but still. It was by far the coolest in our opinion! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to see it for yourself.

Twin Falls is a 180 meter (nearly 600 feet) pair of waterfalls that mirror each other as the fall from their lofty heights to the rushing cliffside stream below. You’ll get a glimpse of them through the trees as you make your way along the trail, but the real treat comes at the base of the falls as you stare straight up in awe.

The hike from Takakkaw Fall to Twin Falls is 5.5 miles and moderately difficult. You could also do this as an out and back trail, but once you’ve gone this far, we absolutely recommend following our loop.

At Twin Falls there is also a teahouse! Depending on the time of year, which you can check ahead of time, the Twin Falls Teahouse will be open to give you a nice break from your hike. You can even get some tea and biscuits, coffee, water, whatever you are in the mood for!

Celeste Lake

Once you are ready to leave Twin Falls, follow signs for the Iceline Trail and Celeste Lake. We used a map that we got at the Yoho Visitor Center in Field along with the signage posted along the trail, and we were able to find our way pretty easily.

The trail to Celeste Lake is a beautiful path through the alpine forest, but the real treat comes when you peer through the trees and see the stunning blue-green lake before you. Celeste Lake is a great place to take a break and marvel at the natural wonderland around you, thanking your lucky stars that you are in Yoho NP instead of Soho NYC. Nothing against Soho, but I mean come on, this is Yoho…

Now it is time to continue along the trail, up a bit to the places above the trees, where the snow is always present and the view is 360 degree panoramic: The Iceline Trail.

The Iceline Trail

On the final stretch of this hike you’ll be hiking the Iceline Trail. This is a ridge line trail which means endless views for the grand finale of this hike. Iceline trail is an accurate name for this bad boy because you are literally hiking alongside glaciers and icefields for the majority of the trail. In addition, you’ll be able to see for MILES all around, soaking up the Canadian Rockies view!

The Iceline Trail was a SUPER underrated part of our adventure in Yoho. Not many people ranted or raved about it, probably because of the hiking distance, but HOLY COW it is GORGEOUS up here!

This is the highest you’ll be on your trip to Yoho! That is Rocky Mountain High folks… Get it? We’re in the Rockies… and it is a song…

You will absolutely love strolling along the Iceline Trail, glaciers on one side of you, an enormous valley on the other. And if you are lucky you may spot a few mountain goats even! We weren’t lucky on our trip, but we met people who caught a glimpse!

Now, the icing on the cake (or should we say cherry on top) is the views of Daly Glacier and Takakkaw Falls, this time from above! As you round a corner you will be stopped in your tracks when you see this view, trust us!

We didn’t know we were going to get another view of Takakkaw Falls on this hike and what a pleasant surprise it was. And WOW, to see the size of the Daly Glacier that feeds Takakkaw Falls was tremendous and explains exactly why Takakkaw Falls is as powerful as it is.

We loved this different viewpoint and perspective of the falls and were thrilled with our decision to do this loop trail. Of course, we think you will too!

The Iceline Trail finishes with a hike down through an alpine forest and finishes back at…you guessed it…Takakkaw Falls! You can spend any more time and energy you have (which to be honest might not be very much) getting another view of the gigantic falls where this day started!

#1 Best Hike in Yoho – Lake O’Hara & Opabin Plateau

We have had 3 incredible days so far. 3 days exploring peaks and waterfalls and lakes and bridges and valleys and even an iceline. However, even with ALL of that in our rearview mirror, the best is yet to come. This was our favorite day without a doubt.

Lake O’Hara, specifically the Opabin Plateau that overlooks Lake O’Hara, was our favorite single spot in ALL of Yoho. Shoot, it was our favorite spot in all of CANADA! Maybe all of the Rocky Mountains even!

However, there is one BIG thing you have to know before heading to Lake O’Hara. THIS IS IMPORTANT: There is a bus that drives the route from the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1) to Lake O’Hara. The only way to get from Hwy 1 to Lake O’Hara is either on that bus or on your own two feet, and the road is 11 km (7 miles) long.

So the question is, how do you get a spot on the bus? That proved A LOT harder than we thought. Click this link to go to the Lake O’Hara Bus Reservation site. You will want to make sure you have a reservation as soon as possible, because they sell out WAY in advance.

If you don’t get a pass ahead of time, you will want to stop at the Yoho Visitor Center in Field in the morning to see if there were any cancellations that you could pounce on. We did this, however we weren’t very lucky as there weren’t any cancellations.

The other way to get on the bus is to book a campsite at Lake O’Hara. Any overnight camping trip comes with a bus ride, so you can take advantage of that and get some backcountry camping in also! Note: the campsites looked absolutely beautiful!

However, when we went, the campsite was all booked as well. So, we had no other option but to strap on our walking shoes and walk the whole darn thing! This didn’t end up being all that tough, since the road was pretty easy to walk on, but it was not ideal that is for sure.

Hike Details

  • Distance: 9 km (5.6 mi)
  • Distance with Bus Road: 31 km (19.3 mi)
  • Elevation Gain: 373 m (1220 ft)
  • Trailhead: Lake O’Hara Trailhead

Lake O’Hara

Once you get to Lake O’Hara, follow the signs to hike around the lake. The views while hiking around Lake O’Hara are stunning, making a great place for you to stop and take a rest while having a picnic! Also, there is fresh water at the campsite here, so take advantage of it!

Two hikes that we did while on this circuit that we absolutely loved were Lake Oesa and Seven Veils Falls. Both have signs that tell you where to go, so just follow along the trail!

We did those 2 hikes while at Lake O’Hara, but we also did a third one, and if we had to pick our favorite it was Opabin Plateau! That lookout is our new favorite view!!

Opabin Plateau

The Opabin Plateau, specifically Opabin Prospect, was our favorite place in all of Canada! This lookout made this incredibly long hike MORE than worth it!

This hike takes you to an overlook that has an incredible view of the lakes beneath you and the valley beyond. Add in the mountains surrounding you and a bright blue sky and what do you get? An absolutely incredible picture! Don’t miss Opabin Plateau on your trip to Yoho National Park!

Best Non Hiking Things to Do in Yoho

If you aren’t a fan of hiking, we still recommend you visit Yoho National Park! There are plenty of beautiful sites you can see that don’t require any strenuous activity. No matter what your hobbies are, Yoho National Park should absolutely be on your bucket list. Here are our favorite stops that don’t require any hiking!

Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge is located right off Emerald Lake Road. In fact, Natural Bridge is the BEST stop off Emerald Lake Road, except Emerald Lake of course…

What is Natural Bridge? Good question! We didn’t know until we went, and it is tough to put into words.

Natural Bridge is a pretty crazy rock formation that formed OVER a waterfall! So this means that in Yoho National Park, there is literally a place where you can walk OVER a waterfall! Pretty cool if you ask us.

And if you have the time, you can explore the river and forest area near Natural Bridge. Zach had a blast exploring and wading into the river, hopping from rock to rock! And the backdrop in this part of Yoho is just incredible. Something you’ll have to see to believe!

Emerald Lake & Emerald Lake Lodge

Even if you don’t enjoy hiking, make sure you don’t miss Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. From the parking lot, it’s only a short walk to the lake itself and the beautiful lodge!

If your budget allows it, this looks like an awesome place to stay for your trip. But if your budget is tight like ours, don’t worry because we will tell you all of our free camping secrets in a little bit.

Canoe on Emerald Lake

While at Emerald Lake you can look at renting a canoe and paddling out and about on this beauty. The cost is steep and will have you forking over $90/hour (which is why we didn’t do it) but canoeing on Emerald Lake looked incredible.

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Canoeing at Emerald Lake, One of Many Non Hiking Things to do in Yoho National Park

If you are set on canoeing on a beautiful Canadian Lake this is your cheapest option! Once we got to Banff National Park the prices continued to climb to $130/hour, which left us pretty shocked, and even more astounded to see a long line to rent them!

Takakkaw Falls

You don’t need to hike to see Takakkaw Falls. The parking lot will place you a short walk away or you can admire it from your car. Takakkaw Falls definitely shouldn’t be missed during your trip to Yoho National Park.

Drive Through Yoho National Park

The drive on Hwy 1 through Yoho National Park is incredible! Along the drive you will see the grand Rocky Mountains in a way you haven’t ever before. On top of that, there are multiple beautiful lakes and hopefully some wildlife too!

Off of Hwy 1, you can take the Yoho Valley Road and Emerald Lake Road, both of which drive deeper into the park. The best time to see wildlife is early in the morning at dusk so we recommend doing this drive first thing in the morning right at sunrise!


We have great news for you! We stayed just outside of Yoho National Park for 5 nights without spending a penny. We camped at free campsites near the park and these free campsites were just as good as any campsite you would pay to stay at! Except your shower will be much colder…

We find all of our free campsites on the free app iOverlander. Each night we were camped along the Kicking Horse River, enjoyed a fire in the fire ring and watched the sun go down on the horizon.

We camped at the following spots which you can find on the app. Get directions to the sites by copying the coordinates into your Google Maps.

  • Beaverfoot road bridge
  • Free Camping on the Kicking Horse River

They were very conveniently located and only a short drive into the park every day. Remember there is no free camping in the actual National Park!


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Gear Recommendations

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We personally have used these items and have shopped around for the best. We are EXTREMELY conscious of price (we live on a monthly budget of $1,000 TOTAL…) and we believe these are the best products for the cheapest cost on the market.


First off, trekking poles and a cooler backpack. The poles make every hike MUCH easier, definitely recommend them if you are going to do Lake O’Hara or the Iceline Trail hike. Also, these poles collapse for easy traveling!

This backpack has a BUILT-IN COOLER! Great for packing along a picnic AND storing all of the stuff you’ll need for a day of hiking. Camera, go-pro, snacks, water, this will hold it all!

Hiking snacks are essential! These are some of our favorites which keep us happy and satisfied on our longer hikes!

Trekking Poles

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Hiking Bars

You will definitely want a pair of supportive hiking boots for your hikes through Yoho National Park. And rain jackets are a must if the weather looks like it might tinkle on you. These are the ones we use.

Women’s Jacket

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Women’s Hiking Boots

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Always carry bear spray when hiking and camping in Yoho! We recommend buying it online and taking it with you on your trip. It will be cheaper then buying it when you get there.

Water is so important while hiking and camping and you don’t want to be out in the woods and realize you didn’t pack enough. We use this bladder to make sure we never run short!

We love to cook our own meals when we travel. It saves us money and helps fuel our bodies with healthy and nutritious meals! We use this camping stove on the left for all of our meals. For back country camping we use the packable stove on the right instead!

Camping Stove

Backpacking Stove

Bear Spray

Water Bladder

These camping chairs are light, small and easy to pack. We take them everywhere with us! This water filter is the fastest and most efficient filter we’ve used, and it collapses SO easily into any backpack! If you want to be really safe, back along some iodine tablets as well. And a hammock is essential to any good camping nap, or can even be a fun way to camp if the weather is dry!

Camp Chair

Water Filter

Iodine Tablets


Photography Equipment

Don’t forget your cameras!! These views and sites should be well documented!

Note: no drones are allowed inside the National Park but we were able to fly it at some of our free campsites!

If you want to get in some of those killer photos, we recommend using a tripod and setting a timer on your camera! The one included in the accessory kit will work, but if you already have one then this one we use has worked great! Also, if you want a small one, this flexible tripod works great and is easy to pack along!

Canon Rebel Camera with Accessories

GoPro Hero 7 Black

DJI Spark Drone

Aluminum Tripod

Flexible Tripod

GoPro Floating Handle


There you have it! The best Yoho National Park hiking and camping guide to help you plan your trip to British Columbia, Canada! Yoho National Park was our favorite Canadian National Park and we went to a lot of them. Kootenay, Banff and Jasper, Yoho beat them all.

After our time here we couldn’t believe this national park isn’t more well known and popular. But for our sake, and for yours, we were sure glad it wasn’t. Don’t miss this hidden gem while traveling in British Columbia, Canada!

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