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Cabo San Lucas is truly a paradise on the Pacific Ocean. Located on the southern tip of Baja California, Cabo isn’t just a slice of heaven, it is the whole dang cake! Let us be your guide as we share our ideas for the perfect things to do in Cabo San Lucas. Side Note: this Cabo San Lucas blog was such a blast to put together, because we remembered how much freaking fun it was! We can’t wait for you to have even more fun than we had!

Free Activities!

Turtle Spawning

Holy Cripes the turtle spawning is just about the coolest thing we have ever seen, and Cabo is THE place to see it! Will it be a life-changing experience that is the highlight of your trip? TOOOOOOOTALLY!

Turtle spawning season is from August to December, so we HIGHLY suggest that you plan your trip for this time. We found that the best way to do it was to wake up at the crack of dawn and head down to the beach. Look for a few people gathered around, and you’ll likely see they are watching the turtles trek from their nest to the ocean!

There are also planned tours if you want to 100% guarantee that you’ll see the spawning. We tried our luck just walking the beach at dawn and struck gold!

Walk the Beach

There are more reasons than turtle spawning to go for a sunrise/daytime/sunset walk on the beach (as if you needed more reasons…). From Cabo San Lucas, again located at the southern tip of Baja California, the sun rises and sets over water!

The sunrise over the Gulf of California paints the sky an array of colors that would make Monet blush. Now, let’s not forget you are in Cabo. You might be having a few tequila cocktails on the night before this planned sunrise adventure.

Do not – I REPEAT, DO NOT – let your train run off the rails on tequila shots the night before, and miss the sunrise. You have to see it at least once, or else your vacation will be missing something.

Then, on the morning you catch the sunrise, you can have a midday snooze by the pool during the day, and have those tequila shooters that night. Win win!

Sunset is equally stunning, and absolutely nothing to sneeze at. The sun sets over the vast enormity of the Pacific Ocean, in all its splendor. Make sure you spend at least one evening drinking in the sunset with a view of the western coast of Cabo, you will NOT regret it.

Lovers Beach (and Divorce Beach!)

Lovers beach and Divorce beach are, ironically, hand in hand. They share their sand, much like the lovers that routinely adorn these beaches. Cabo brings people closer together…

Why do they call one side Lover’s Beach and the other Divorce Beach? Unfortunately, it is not a legendary story of two star-crossed lovers whose lives met fate on these beaches.

They got their names from the water accompanying each beach. Lovers beach has a smooth, gentle current. Much like the honeymooners that make their way to Cabo!

Divorce beach is rough and rocking. The waves crash onto the beach and the current pulls outward, just like the blood-sucking lawyer your spouse hired to steal every dime you’ve ever had.

To get to Lovers Beach, there are a few options. We chose to hike there from the beach. It was a bit of a climb, so if you choose this route be prepared for a little climbing. Otherwise, there are boat tours and taxis pretty much anywhere that will bring you there by sea.

Adventure Time

There is absolutely no shortage of excursions in Cabo, you’re going to have the time of your life. Seals? Cabo’s got them. Paddle Boarding? You better believe it. Snorkeling? Just some of the best on earth.

We used Cabo Adventures for our excursion, and had the time of our lives. The tour guide was hilarious, and showed us parts of Cabo we never would have found otherwise. What’s more? A delicious Mexican meal was provided at the end of the tour to feed our hungry bellies!

Seal Spotting

Fun fact: Cabo is home to tons of seals! We had literally zero idea that this was true, until we heard some funny noises coming from the front of the boat. Sounded a little like Julie when she gets a foot rub, but her feet were firmly planted on the ground. So what could it be…

Seals! The answer is seals. Big slippery whiskery lazy seals, lounging on the rocks getting their tan on.

These bad boys just hang out on these rocks in the sun for basically their entire lives. They bark at each other, swim around, eat a little, take a nap, bark some more, and call it a day. If that isn’t the life for us, I don’t know what is.

Anyways, these are amazing to see in the wild, and extremely cool up close and personal! Just don’t fall out of the boat or you might have a slimy seal cuddled up next to your flailing self.

Paddle Boarding

Have you ever in your life went paddle boarding and afterwards thought, “meh, that wasn’t very fun…”? No, of course you haven’t, because you are a human being who knows how to have fun, and floating on the sun-soaked waters of Cabo will be no exception!

We had an absolute blast paddling around a few Cabo caves on our adventure tour. We even got up close to a few crab-families crawling through their cavernous homes!

If you aren’t feeling like exploring the Krusty Krab, you can settle for paddling around the fine sandy beaches, laying around taking in the sun, or battling your fellow paddle-boarders to see who can be king/queen of the board!


Snorkeling. Oh my goodness the snorkeling in Cabo was underwaterrific! Yes, that is a word. Look it up.

Underwaterrific: adjective – unbelievably impressive, visually stunning, beneath the surface of the water. Typically in reference to Cabo San Lucas, especially when the user is adorned with a pair of fashionable goggles and a tube coming out of his/her mouth

Wow, I bet you feel dumb. Told you it was a word. Gosh, it sure is hard to be right all the time.

If you are at all a fan of snorkeling, or just a fan of ridiculously amazing sights (or heck maybe you just want to make friends with a fish!) then you have got to try snorkeling off the coast of Cabo.

If you aren’t a fan of tours, or are looking to save a few bucks, you can just head to Lovers Beach with your own snorkel and lead your own tour! The fish are EVERYWHERE, and if you’re lucky you might even glimpse a few sea turtles!

Arch of Cabo

The Arch of Cabo is one of the most famous sights to see, and to see it you have to take a boat ride. Unless of course you are an extremely good climber and can make your way out, but even then you won’t get the best view!

The Arch is a rock formation right on the southern tip of the town (which is basically the tip of Baja California!). If you look at it, the Arch looks like a dragon reaching down to take a drink from the Pacific Ocean. Cool huh!

Cabo San Lucas Blog – Arch of Cabo

We got here by boat, and of course we recommend taking the trip yourself. To be honest, we kinda wished we would have taken a kayak out to take a look! But to each their own, a tour boat or taxi work great as well!


Mt Solmar is right near the tip of Cabo, close to the Arch, and is a must for any hiking-lovers out there. It is a relatively short hike, maybe an hour or two up-and-down depending on your speed, and the views are spectacular.

Our recommendation: do this hike as the first activity of one of your days. Number one, you’ll beat any other tourists to the hike. Number two, you’ll beat the hottest part of the day. Hiking in the heat is not as enjoyable as a cool breeze while the city wakes up all around you.

Whenever you end up going on the hike, better bring your camera along. You’ll be wanting to stop and take pictures every few steps, to brag to all the people at the resort how beautiful your morning was, while they were sleeping in a pile of guacamole and margarita salt.

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the beautiful, gorgeous, party-rocking-in-the-house-tonight Sandos Finisterra Resort. Sandos Finisterra is an all-inclusive located right on a stunning sandy beach. Here’s a few things we believe about vacations:

  • All-Inclusives are the way to go

I am willing to bet a crisp 20 dollar bill that an all-inclusive will end up being cheaper for you than a normal hotel. Of course, this depends on the all-inclusive, but if you shop around you will no-doubt be able to find something amazing.

With an all-inclusive, you will be able to wake up with a delicious breakfast, have a drink by the pool after your morning walk. You can play some beach volleyball with that weird couple that chatted you up last night, and get a mountain of nachos for a late lunch before napping on the beach. Polish it off with a mouth-watering Mexican dinner and a few cervezas. All of that is INCLUDED!

When you are deciding where to stay on your Cabo adventure, we recommend you go all-inclusive. It is stress-free, oh-so-easy, and will end up being cheaper in the long run than buying/making your own meals. Trust us.

  • Stay on the Beach

You go to Cabo San Lucas for the beach. That’s just a fact. The beaches are some of the best on earth. Not the best in Mexico, not the best in North America. The best on earth!

Do yourself a favor and stay on the beach. The beach is where the party is, where the sights are, where the sunrise and sunset are the most amazing. Just do it.

  • Eat Like a Local

One of our favorite parts about Sandos Finisterra was the food. We must have gained 10 pounds each on our trip, the food was just so dang tasty! We are suckers for guacamole, we must have eaten about a bathtub’s worth of guac on our stay.

That doesn’t even take into account the tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and empanadas we loaded up on every day and night! Authentic Mexican food might just be heaven on earth.

  • Live it Up

Sandos has a few swim-up pool bars, which of course are a delicacy you don’t often get in Europe or the US. But what truly makes Sandos different is The Stones Club. This dance club has a light-up neon floor, fantastic music, and of course free drinks (remember it is an all-inclusive!). Why is it called The Stones Club? Let me tell you in a minute…

Drone Flying

If you are a fan of drones, first read this, then remember to pack along your travel drone for your trip to Cabo! We are in love with our DJI Spark, we can’t get enough of seeing the world from a bird’s eye view.

Cabo was an especially fun place to fly the drone around. You have wide open spaces with the Ocean and Bay on each side. You have HUGE sandy beaches with only a few tourists plopped here and there. Rocky cliffs and tropical waters are the pièce de résistance, the cherry on top of this scrumptious sundae.

Seriously, you’ll want to turn the pictures you take into a puzzle for you to recreate every Thanksgiving. A puzzle that will take you back to the unforgettable memories of your time on the southern tip of Baja California, the place they call Cabo.


Why did we go to Cabo in the first place? Well of course we did extensive research on all of the best places in the world to vacation to, and out of those hundreds of hours of research, the cream rose to the top!

Well, that’s only partially true. The research was completed, but it was by Zach’s brother and (at that time future-) sister-in-law! We went down to accompany them on their nuptials, as they tied the knot in paradise.

Cabo is a great place for a wedding. If you are even considering having your wedding here, we would like to be friends with you. Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents took you to a toy store or candy store and let you go crazy? That’s exactly what this wedding was like. It was a non-stop blast from start to finish. Oh you never got to go to the candy store? Wow, sorry about that… Here is a funny video to cheer you up.

I mean, if Cabo is good enough for Keith Richards to get married here… Is there even anything more I can say? I’ll drop the mic on that.

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