The Blue Lagoon Pool – Iceland Day Tours

The Blue Lagoon pool is an incredible hot springs located right near the Keflavik airport in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon makes for a wonderful stop on a long Iceland layover, or can make for a great day trip from Reykjavik. No matter what you are doing in Iceland, you should make the Blue Lagoon a stop on your Iceland Itinerary!

Day Trips in Wisconsin – Beer, Cheese, Football, & More

Wisconsin is Julie’s home state. She grew up in Wisconsin Rapids, vacationed in Wisconsin Dells, learned to love the Wisconsin necessities (beer, sausage, cheese, football) and became the woman she is today! She knows this state inside out, and knows everything about what to do in Wisconsin. Let us be your guide on all ofContinue reading “Day Trips in Wisconsin – Beer, Cheese, Football, & More”

Best Things to do in Cabo San Lucas for Couples

Cabo San Lucas is absolutely FULL of incredibly awesome activities. There are excursions on the ocean, hikes up mountains, beaches galore, and even some incredible wildlife! Have you ever seen sea turtle spawning? Well, you can in Cabo! We are going to share with you the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas for couples. All of these things are great for everyone, even kids, but they are especially great for a romantic getaway with your significant other!

3 Stunning Seattle Hikes – 30 miles away OR LESS

When I think of Seattle, a lot of things come to mind. The birthplace of Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon. Seattle Seahawks, Mariners, Supersonics (bring them back!). Puget Sound and Lake Washington, maybe even whale watching at the right time of the year. Hiking is pretty far down the list, but let me tell you it shouldContinue reading “3 Stunning Seattle Hikes – 30 miles away OR LESS”

3 Best Hikes in Zion National Park

Zion National Park is an absolute jewel of the United States National Park system. Zion, located in Southwest Utah, is one of the top hiking destinations not just in the United States, but the entire world. Angel’s Landing, The Narrows, and Observation point are 3 hikes that are each uniquely beautiful and incredible to experience. Because of these 3 hikes, Zion needs to be on any adventurer’s bucket list! Without further ado, here is our article on the best hikes in Zion National Park.

Seville Things to Do – The Real Alcazar, Plazas, Flamenco and More

There are so many incredible and unique things to do in Spain, and right near the top of the list is Seville. Seville is an absolutely wonderful city that is full of enough sites and adventure to keep you busy for weeks! In Seville you will have a truly authentic Spanish experience that you will not forget. We put together a list of the best things to do in Seville, Spain. From the Real Alcazar to the incredible Plaza de Espana and Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza, we will see it all. Let’s go!

Croatia Itinerary – Incredible Waterfalls, Castles, and Islands

Croatia is one of the most incredible countries we have ever been to. Our Croatia itinerary was full of some unique and amazing experiences we couldn’t have gotten anywhere else in Europe. And Plitvice Lakes National has the most beautiful waterfalls on Earth! In this blog, we will go over a perfect Croatia itinerary to see the country, and talk about the best time to visit Croatia.

Things to do in Granada – Tapas, Alhambra, and More

There is so much fun to have and so many things to do in Granada it will make your head spin. The Granada tapas are the best in Spain in our opinion, and the Alhambra at the center of the city is a truly amazing structure. Even the Granada hotels are super cool! Let’s take a Granada tour that covers all of the incredible things to do in Granada, so you’ll have the time of your life in Southern Spain.

Hiking in South Spain – Sierra Nevada, Tejeda & Cazorla National Parks

Spain is home to some of the most beautiful National Parks on earth! In South Spain alone, you can hike Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Tejeda, and the Sierra de Cazorla, 3 absolutely incredible parks. On top of that, taking a road trip driving through Spain was an amazing experience as well! In this blog we are going to tell you about the best hikes across South Spain in these 3 National Park. Let’s go!