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The Blue Lagoon Pool – Iceland Day Tours

The Blue Lagoon pool is an incredible hot springs located right near the Keflavik airport in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon makes for a wonderful stop on a long Iceland layover, or can make for a great day trip from Reykjavik. No matter what you are doing in Iceland, you should make the Blue Lagoon a stop on your Iceland Itinerary!

We visited the Blue Lagoon during a 24 hour layover we had in Iceland. Why did we spend 24 hours in Reykjavik? It is a relatively common story actually! Flying from the USA to Europe often goes through Iceland. And very long stopovers in Reykjavik are not uncommon.

If you find an extremely cheap flight to Europe, chances are you have a layover in Reykjavik, as least if you are flying IcelandAir this will be the case. If you do find this flight, jump on it! We have a secret tip for you: take advantage of your layover! Make it a positive rather than a negative.

If you have more than a few hours layover, or even have a few days in Iceland, you should 100% take the opportunity to visit the Blue Lagoon pool. Before we get started, let’s get one thing out of the way: Iceland is cold. That’s a fact, but it also is what makes the Blue Lagoon so alluring. Let’s go over the reason why an Iceland day tour to the Blue Lagoon pool is so awesome.

What is the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon is the largest geothermal spa in the world. WOW! Largest in the world! What is a geothermal spa? We had no clue either.

The water that flows into the Blue Lagoon has been heated up by lava flowing beneath the earth’s surface. You read that right: lava. Have you ever swam in water that was heated by lava? Didn’t think so. Get ready for your first geothermal spa!

I know what you’re thinking: ‘So the water was heated by lava, so what, does that make it worth the trip to Iceland?‘ The answer to your question is a resounding ‘YES‘. Here’s another reason the Blue Lagoon is a can’t miss attraction: the water has healing powers.

Yes, you also read that right. The lava-heated water has healing powers. No, we aren’t smoking anything funny, this is all legit! It is on Wikipedia!

The water is extremely rich in silica and sulfur, both reputed to be extremely good for the skin. The Lagoon has helped treat and heal prior visitors with skin conditions, though it doesn’t appear to be a guaranteed fix for that little zit on your chin. However, it couldn’t hurt!

Why Go to the Blue Lagoon?

Okay, so we’ve got lava-heated water that treats skin conditions. What else? You’ll meet the love of your life at the Blue Lagoon? Ya never know!


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There is so much more to the Blue Lagoon that we haven’t even talked about yet! Let’s cover some of the best reasons why the Blue Lagoon should be number one on your layover list of Iceland day trips to do in Reykjavik.

Massage and Accommodations

The Blue Lagoon is more than a geothermal hot tub, as we’ll cover right here in a few paragraphs. The Lagoon is basically a full on resort.

First off, full disclosure there is an entrance fee to the lagoon. That being said, it is worth it. The fee comes with use of towel and facilities, a silica mud mask, and your first drink at the on-site restaurant!

In addition, if you’re looking at making the Blue Lagoon a destination for more than just one day, there are overnight packages that are worth exploring at the on-site hotel! We did not opt for the overnight, but the whole resort was absolutely beautiful and the service was excellent, so we are sure the overnight packages are pretty amazing in their own right.

Silica Mud Mask

The mineral-rich water provides an amazing silica mud mask that you can try for free! Well, it is included in your entrance fee, so it feels free at least. And you can do it as many times as you want! Maybe start with one when you get to the pool and then have a quick second before leaving the lagoon.

If you want to step up your game, there are more mud masks with other materials, but we recommend just riding the silica wave to some great skin! Again, remember that the minerals in this water have some pretty amazing healing properties, so smearing it all over your face is basically a must-do!

We went after a Euro-trip with Julie’s family, and the Blue Lagoon spa and mud masks were a perfectly relaxing conclusion to our adventure. If you have the choice between doing your long Iceland layover at the near-end or the tail-end of your trip, we recommend waiting until the end!

The Blue Lagoon View

One of the best reasons to try out the Blue Lagoon is because it is one of the 25 natural wonders of the world, and rightfully so. The view of the lagoon from above and below is breathtaking.

The water, that healing lava-water, is a milky crystal blue, unlike water you’ve seen anywhere else on earth. The rocky surrounding and enormous Icelandic sky make for the perfect backdrop for pictures in the Lagoon.

What’s more? As if you needed it, there are even times when Iceland’s Northern Lights are visible from the Blue Lagoon. Imagine swimming in this geothermal paradise after your silica mud mask, when in the distant sky you see magical lights appear and begin dancing out of nowhere. Would that be worth the trip? You bet your butt it would be.


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How to Get to the Blue Lagoon

Okay, so now the Blue Lagoon is firmly on your ‘to-do’ list. You can’t wait to go on your layover in Reykjavik and jump right in, just one problem: how do you get there? That is the real question.

How to Get to Iceland

Unless you plan on spending a lot of time at sea, the only way to get to Iceland is to fly. Now, Iceland is becoming more and more of a tourism destination, with incredible hiking and adventure opportunities.

In addition, Iceland is a major stopover for IcelandAir, which offers flights at extremely good prices. Almost any flight from the USA to Europe on IcelandAir will have a stopover in Keflavik. And some of these stops can be long, hence you head to the Blue Lagoon pool!

From Keflavik Airport to Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a bit of a jaunt from the airport, about 45 minutes or so, so it is nothing you want to do in a taxi cab or Uber. Thankfully, our Icelandic friends have thought of this.

There are basically constant shuttle busses going from the airport to the Blue Lagoon and back, so you just have to plan ahead to know which shuttle to get on. Here is the website for the bus company we used to get there and back. We had absolutely no issues, the bus left on time there-and-back, and was extremely easy to navigate.

Iceland Day Tour at Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is an amazing treat if you have an extra few hours, or even a day, in Reykjavik. Time spent wading in lava-heated skin-healing waters and getting mud masks is unbelievable. Add in the fact that your surrounded by beautiful countryside in a rocky natural spa and this excursion is darn near perfect! The best way to spend your layover in Reykjavik, that is for sure.

Thank you so much for reading this post on our favorite Iceland day tour, visiting the Blue Lagoon! Did you like this post? Please Pin the below pictures to save for later!

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