Ha Long Bay Cruises are Good for the Soul

Ha Long Bay is fake. No way it was real. We had to be dreaming. Earth can’t be this beautiful. Ha Long Bay is stupid gorgeous. Like Wendy Peffercorn in Sandlot. Sitting up on that lifeguard stand looking like a snack. Fact: Ha Long Bay has over 1,600 islands. No typo. One thousand and sixContinue reading “Ha Long Bay Cruises are Good for the Soul”

Elephants, Temples and More – Chiang Mai is an Adventure

Chiang Mai is nestled in Northern Thailand, sandwiched between Myanmar and Laos. Though it isn’t on the coast, we think you’ll as much adventure in Chiang Mai as you would anywhere else in Southeast Asia (or on earth for that matter)! Chiang Mai has elephants. That should be enough to get you there, but theyContinue reading “Elephants, Temples and More – Chiang Mai is an Adventure”

How to Explore Siem Reap and the Angkor Temples

Are you a fan of monkeys and elephants? Puppies and piglets? How about ancient religious monuments? Culture? Food? Of course you are. Siem Reap has all of this and more! Nestled in Northern Cambodia, Siem Reap has wonders that one-up the rest of the world, starting with the Angkor temples all the way to theContinue reading “How to Explore Siem Reap and the Angkor Temples”

Sapa – Our Guide to Incredible Adventure

Sapa is the crown jewel of North Vietnam in our opinion. We felt immersed in Northern Vietnamese culture, surrounded by jaw-dropping mountains covered in rice paddies and dotted with villages. The only thing better than the views are the locals. We learned a lot of Sapa secrets we want to share with you! There isContinue reading “Sapa – Our Guide to Incredible Adventure”