Maui Guide – Road to Hana, Waterfalls, Beaches, & Haleakala!

A Maui Vacation is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Exploring this incredible island will leave you wondering why on earth you don’t uproot your life and move here! It is that beautiful.

There is SO many unique experiences you can have on this island. Hiking through the jungle? Yep. Sunrise above the clouds on a volcano? Of course. The most beautiful drive in the world? The Road to Hana!

And on top of that, this is Hawaii after all. There are countless incredible beaches to sit back and relax on. You can snorkel with sea turtles, go whale watching, and of course hang out with a beer by the pool! And the sunrises and sunsets? To die for. If you want to watch our trip and see all the incredible sites, check out this video!

Without further ado, let us be your guide on your Maui vacation. Let’s plan a trip you will never forget.

Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is the NUMBER 1 thing we did on the entire island of Maui! Talk about starting off the blog with a bang…

First off, let’s talk about what is challenging about this adventure. The Road to Hana is sometimes called Divorce Highway… However we did it and our marriage is still going strong!

Why is it called Divorce Highway? The road is VERY curvy with hairpin-turn after hairpin-turn, and over 50 one-lane bridges. If you are driving, you won’t be enjoying the view, you’ll be focused on the road.

Apparently this road has caused some marital disputes over backseat driving and narrow-road-induced-anxiety. We found that all in all the road wasn’t a death-trap as some people described, however one thing was definitely true. The driver (Zach) did NOT get to enjoy the drive like everyone else. If you do a guided trip, your whole party can enjoy!

Guided Road to Hana Trips

Although we did not personally do the guided Road to Hana trip, we talked to quite a few people who did. Sitting in the hot-tub with fellow travelers or meeting people on snorkel excursions, MANY people had great things to say about the guided Hana trip.

We have researched the guided trips and came to the conclusion that Activity Authority is the way to go if you are going to book a Guided Road to Hana Tour!

Click Here for the website on Road to Hana Guided Tours!

The Road to Hana was doable in our opinion. Maybe that’s because we’ve been on backcountry dirt roads and national park access roads all year, but still! If you aren’t comfortable driving on winding roads, or just want to enjoy the day without having to worry about driving (and have a few cocktails maybe) then take a guided tour!

Either way, you will experience the best that Maui has to offer along the Road to Hana. Now, let’s get into our tips to having the experience of a lifetime along the Road to Hana in Maui!


Photography Equipment


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The best way to do the Road to Hana is Top to Bottom, starting at Ke’Anae

Road to Hana (Hana Hwy) Google Maps Link

Our first tip for the Road to Hana is to get started bright and early at the crack of dawn, even before the crack of dawn. Why? Two reasons.

First, the roads will be much more empty at that hour, and you’ll be one of the first on the Road to Hana. Driving will be easier with less people on the roads and you’ll be able to ease yourself in.

Second, you’ll have more time for adventure! The Road to Hana is less than 70 miles, but we spent the ENTIRE day on it. 12 hours! And it was 12 hours packed with action and adventure.

The Road to Hana has a ton of huge waterfalls, 1 lava-tube-cave, countless overlooks, and a few DELICIOUS fruit and food stops along the way! How will you know where to stop to see it all? Well, if you are doing a guided tour, then your guide will show you everything you need to know! If not, then get The Shaka Guide!

Shaka Guide

What on earth is the Shaka Guide? Well, simply put, it is your lifesaver for the Road to Hana, in the form of an app. It is your guide for the entire trip, making sure you see everything you want to see and giving you a history lesson along the way!

We really cannot say enough good things about the Shaka Guide. We were skeptical at first. How can an app be a good guide for our Hawaiian adventure? However, we trusted our friends that recommended it and gave it a go, and we were BLOWN AWAY.

The Shaka Guide tracks your GPS during the drive (which is impressive since there are many spots with no service on the Road to Hana). When you get to a spot where you need to stop, the Shaka Guide tells you what is coming up and where you can park!

Without this, we would have missed SO MANY things along the Road to Hana. If you aren’t doing a guided adventure, invest in the Shaka Guide, it will be worth your while.

Here is a link to the Road to Hana Shaka Guide. It cost us $9.99, but looking back we would have paid $50. It was PERFECT!


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Okay, so the Shaka Guide is your guide for the adventure. Or maybe you are going to guide yourself. Either way, we want to give you our top 8 can’t-miss stops along the Road to Hana. These places made our day SO magical, and you won’t want to miss them!

Road to Hana Can’t Miss Stop 1 – ALL the Roadside Waterfalls

Okay, this sounds like a cop-out, since it is multiple stops. To be fair to us, there are almost too many to list! The waterfalls seem to be around EVERY bend in the road, in their majestic beauty!

Do yourself a favor and stop at as many waterfalls along the road as you can. Of course, make sure to park legally and safely, in one of the marked parking lots that the Shaka Guide tells you about!

Road to Hana Can’t Miss Stop 2 – Ke’anae Peninsula

Ke’anae Peninsula Google Maps Link

The Ke’anae Peninsula was an AWESOME detour stop on the Road to Hana. The peninsula juts out into the Pacific Ocean in a way that gives you an incredible panorama view of this stunning part of Maui.

Also on the Ke’anae Peninsula is an old stone church that was built in the 1850s! What is so special about this church? It was the ONLY building here to survive the devastating 35 foot tsunami of 1946!

Road to Hana Can’t Miss Stop 3 – Halfway to Hana

Halfway to Hana Google Maps Link

If you get hungry along the drive, there are a ton of great options for places to eat. We recommend stopping at Halfway to Hana for some banana bread or fresh fruit! If you skip this one, there are multiple roadside stops further down the path, all with delicious eats and drinks!

Road to Hana Can’t Miss Stop 4 – Wailua Iki Falls & Hike

Note: this is not a marked trail on the Road to Hana or on Google Maps. We only found it because of the Shaka Guide.

The hike itself is very quick, about a mile roundtrip. And at the end is 2 STUNNING waterfalls, one HUGE and one medium-sized. However, the medium-sized falls has something special about it: you can swim in the pool!


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Yep, that’s right. There is a fresh-water pool that you can take a dip in if you are driving the Road to Hana in the Hawaiian heat!

Road to Hana Can’t Miss Stop 5 – Lava Tube Cave

Lava Tube Cave Google Maps Link

The Lava Tube Cave is a must-stop because of how unique it is! There is not another stop like this along the Road to Hana, in fact not in all of Maui that we could find!

The Lava Tube is, as the name suggest, a former home for flowing lava when Maui has an active volcano! Now, you can walk in and explore the deep cave in all it’s wonder! Make sure you bring your phone or a flashlight to use in the cave. It’s very dark in there and is much bigger than you might think.

Road to Hana Can’t Miss Stop 6 – Wai’napanapa Black Sand Beach

Wai’napanapa Black Sand Beach Google Maps Link

Get ready for our FAVORITE STOP ALONG THE ROAD TO HANA! The Wai’napanapa Black Sand Beach is suck an incredible and unique site. There are only a few black sand beaches in all of Hawaii, and this is a particularly special beach.

The Wai’napanapa Black Sand Beach is formed by the incredibly powerful waves beating against and eroding the lava rock along this coast. As a result, you get a beautiful beach unlike any you’ve ever seen. The color is such a deep, dark black that you won’t think it is real at first.

On top the beach, there are a few short hikes (really more like walks) that give you an awesome view of the coast looking back at Maui. There is a Sea Arch to see and the incredible panorama you get of the Pacific Ocean and island behind you!

Road to Hana Can’t Miss Stop 7 – Oheo Pools AKA Seven Sacred Pools

Oheo Pools AKA Seven Sacred Pools Google Maps Link

Wow! We have made it to the end of the Road to Hana! The road ends in Kipahulu at a small sliver of the Haleakala National Park! Since this stop is in the National Park, you will have to pay the park entrance fee to access it or have your America The Beautiful pass with you. The entrance fee is $25 for a 3 day pass ($30 beginning January 2020). This sliver holds the Oheo Pools AKA the Seven Sacred Pools.


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As the story goes, these pools were a sacred swimming hole for native Hawaiians on Maui, and as a result building on the land has been forbidden. People have tried, but failed, and the land remains untouched by construction to this day!

The Oheo Pools are typically open for swimming, however we got particularly unlucky when we got here. The high water levels caused the National Park to close the pools to swimming.

To be honest, we didn’t see anything particularly dangerous about swimming while we were there. The water looked calm, even inviting! Sometimes the US National Park system can be, well, lame (yes, we are a bit sour that we couldn’t swim *arms crossed pouting*).

Of course on the whole the US National Park system is INCREDIBLE and WE LOVE IT! The protected land is SO important to keep and conserve for future generations!

Road to Hana Can’t Miss Stop 8 – Pipiwai Trail

Pipiwai Trail Google Maps Link

The last can’t-miss stop on the Road to Hana is also in Haleakala National Park: The Pipiwai Trail!

The Pipiwai Trail is a 4 mile round-trip hike, with 4 main attractions along the way! First off, Makahiku Falls is an incredibly powerful waterfall at the 0.5 mile marker. This is a great place for a first rest before continuing on the hike!

Second, there is an ENORMOUS Banyan Tree along the path that is a must to stop at. This won’t be a long stop, but the enormity of the Banyan Tree is wonderful to see and take in for a few minutes.

The best things to do in Maui, Hawaii! Maui beaches, Maui waterfalls, Maui volcanoes, Maui snorkeling and the Road to Hana. The best stops along the Road to Hana including Maui secrets. Snorkeling in Maui with sea turtles. The best Maui Hawaii beaches including a black sand beach and red sand beach. Maui Hawaii hikes, Maui hawaii volcanoes and how to go to Haleakala summit for sunrise. The perfect travel itinerary for a Maui vacation with what to do in Maui. Maui vacation | Maui Hawaii Things to do | Lahaina Maui | Kaanapali Maui | Maui volcanoes | Trip to Maui | Maui beaches | Maui Hawaii hikes | Maui beaches | The road to Hana #maui #hawaii #thingstodo #vacation #beaches #hikes #waterfalls #volcanoes
See a big banyan tree while hiking Pipiwai trail on the Road to Hana, Maui Hawaii

Third, the bamboo forest. After a mile, your hike will morph into an easy stroll through an otherworldly bamboo forest. The bamboo stalks shoot up and TOWER above you, and are packed so closely together that light barely squeaks through. This is DEFINITELY a sight to see.

The best things to do in Maui, Hawaii! Maui beaches, Maui waterfalls, Maui volcanoes, Maui snorkeling and the Road to Hana. The best stops along the Road to Hana including Maui secrets. Snorkeling in Maui with sea turtles. The best Maui Hawaii beaches including a black sand beach and red sand beach. Maui Hawaii hikes, Maui hawaii volcanoes and how to go to Haleakala summit for sunrise. The perfect travel itinerary for a Maui vacation with what to do in Maui. Maui vacation | Maui Hawaii Things to do | Lahaina Maui | Kaanapali Maui | Maui volcanoes | Trip to Maui | Maui beaches | Maui Hawaii hikes | Maui beaches | The road to Hana #maui #hawaii #thingstodo #vacation #beaches #hikes #waterfalls #volcanoes
Hike through the Bamboo forest on the Pipiwai trail on the Road to Hana, Maui vacation.

Finally, Waimoku Falls is the trophy at the conclusion of the hike. Waimoku Falls is a 400 (FOUR HUNDRED!!) foot waterfall that seems to fall straight from the sky.

Depending on rainfall at the time of your hike, the falls could be anything from a beautiful stream to a powerful river flowing over the cliffs! We were there in a low-rainfall time, and even then the waterfall had us in awe as we stood beneath it!


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Well, congratulations, we did the Road to Hana! That is all 8 of our can’t-miss stops along the way. We know you’ll find this adventure to be just as inspiring and incredible as we did! However, that was just 1 day, we have a lot of adventure still to come!

Note: There are two ways to do the Road to Hana. The first and most popular route is to drive from Kahului to Hana town to Haleakala National Park and then turn around and drive the same route back to Kahului, which means some of these stops can be kept for your return trip.

The other option is to finish the entire loop. This is the option we decided to do and we’re very glad we did. However there are pros and cons to this route.

Pros: it’s shorter, less trafficked and you are never seeing the same thing twice.The cliff side views along the south shoreline were AMAZING and we wished we had more time to stop and take in the view. Unfortunately we were rushing back for a dinner cruise that evening.

Cons: The road eventually turns to dirt/gravel for 7 miles, the road goes to one lane in many places and there are places where you will be driving on high cliffs and over bridges without guardrails. Everyone we spoke with on the island advised us not to take this route. However we spoke to a ranger in the Haleakala National Park and she told us we would be fine in our Suburban.

It is recommended you have 4 wheel drive however we saw plenty of cars along the route that did not and made it just fine. Our advice would be to do the same and ask a ranger the road condition before you attempt it. The locals drive it all the time and would know best! But it would be terrible to be stuck out there and need a tow.

Haleakala for Sunrise

What on earth is Haleakala? Isn’t that the name of the National Park we went to at the end of the Road to Hana? Well, yes, it is, but it is so much more.

Haleakala is the enormous volcano that actually created the island of Maui! Fun fact, the name Haleakala literally translates ‘House of the Sun’, or some people say ‘House of the Rising Sun’.

That may be because as the sun rises, depending on where you are on the island, the sun peeks just over the crest of Haleakala almost as if the volcano is holding the sun on it’s peak! Another explanation for this name is because of the sunrise at the peak.

On top of Haleakala is one of the most beautiful sites on earth: the sun rising over the clouds surrounding the mountain. The peak of Haleakala is over 10,000 feet, and the geography of the volcano leads to an almost constant of clouds around the peak, almost a crown of clouds with the peak sticking up the middle.

Therefore, at sunrise on top of the volcano, the surrounding clouds act as the horizon for the sun to rise over, and you get an incredible view that you can get almost nowhere else on earth.

It is somewhat disorienting to see the sunrise OVER the clouds! Almost like you are upside down! And of course you are getting a Hawaiian sunrise, with all the beautiful reds, oranges, yellows, purples, and blues that make the sky an enormous watercolor painting for you to enjoy.

This is truly an experience you won’t want to miss during your time on Maui. However, we are not saying it is exactly easy to get to the top. Here are some things to know.

First off, you need a permit to drive up the volcano for sunrise, and permits sell out fast. They go on sale at 7:00 AM 2 days ahead of time. So, if you want to see sunrise on Wednesday, you will have to log on to the site at 7:00 AM (or 15 minutes before so that you’re ready) on Monday morning to get a permit.

There are 80 permits per day, and they typically sell out in a minute or two, so you have to be on your game! We suggest trying to get these permits as early during your trip as possible, so that if you don’t get one on the first try you can try again and move around your schedule to make it work. You can grab your permit here. Make sure you have an account set up before the morning you are trying to snag your permit. Otherwise you will need to make one that morning and by the time you do, the permits will be gone-zo! However, if you don’t get a permit, your dreams of visiting the Haleakala summit aren’t over. You only need a permit for sunrise. After 7 AM anyone is able to come and go as they please. Our advice would be to go for sunset if you can’t go for sunrise.

Second, the drive takes 2-3 hours depending on where you are on the island, so depending on what time the sun rises you will have to get up EARLY! We left our Airbnb at 2:30 AM to make sure we made it in time.

Third, it is COLD at the top! It was a wild experience being COLD in HAWAII! At the top of the mountain the temperature reached about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but it was the wind that made it cold! Bring along a jacket and as many layers as you can to make sure you are warm enough!

Okay, those are the three warnings. If you can get past those 3 things, you’ll have an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience on top of Haleakala for sunrise! These memories will last a lifetime.

Lahaina & Northwest Side

We stayed at an Airbnb in Lahaina, so a trip up Highway 30 along the coast made perfect sense for us. However, even if you are staying on the other side of the island, we HIGHLY encourage you to take Highway 30 up all the way to the Nakalele Blowhole.

On the way, there are stops and overlooks you can take to turn your day into an adventure! This is kind of like a mini-version of the Road to Hana, with a winding road dotted with INCREDIBLE sites, stops, food stands, and overlooks.

Nakalele Blowhole

The Nakalele Blowhole is right near mile marker 38.5 on Highway 30. Driving along the coast you won’t be able to miss it, with a huge parking lots and multiple signs marking the stop.

You will get an incredible overlook of the rocky coast and the vast Pacific Ocean from the parking lot, however the Nakalele Blowhole is a short hike down near the water’s edge.

The blowhole itself is basically a small vertical tunnel that was a former lava tube when the Maui volcanoes were still active! Now, when waves crash beneath the blowhole, the pressure forces the water up and squirts it through the hole into a huge plume of water. Think like a small version of Old Faithful, only this geyser pops off every few seconds!

The Nakalele Blowhole is a beautiful site, one you won’t want to miss! And there is an added benefit here… Right near the blowhole is a hole in the rock shaped just like a heart! This will make a great photo opportunity for you and your sweetheart, or you can do what we did and turn it into a face-in-hole Hawaii style.

Note: Follow the signs and do not get too close to the blowhole. It can be slippery and very dangerous if you fall in. A good rule of thumb is to stay on the dry rock!

Honolua Bay

Also along Highway 30 are a few snorkeling spots, the best of which (in our opinion) is Honolua Bay. Honolua Bay is an enormous bay that is actually a frequest stop for guided snorkeling adventures, so you know it is good.

While swimming around here, we saw 3 Green Sea Turtles hanging out munching on some coral, AND all the fish you could spot! And because you are not on a guided tour, you have no time limit!

Take your time swimming around, spend some time resting on the beach, and then go out snorkeling again. The world is your oyster!

Black Rock

Another EXCELLENT snorkeling and swimming, and an all around awesome beach, to visit is at Black Rock! Black Rock is in Lahaina, and is home to NOT ONLY an awesome snorkeling spot with Sea Turtles and fish, but also an incredible cliff jumping spot!

There is a spot along the rock that you can hike to and leap off into the beautiful blue water of the Pacific Ocean! The jump is about 25-30 feet, we didn’t measure it but it sure felt about that high!

When you are done snorkeling and cliff jumping, you can head back to the beach and find some shade to have a few beers or a Mai Tai and relax for the afternoon! Sit back and look back at the awesome adventure you just had in Lahaina and enjoy the sea and sun on Maui!

Note: Make sure the water is deep enough where you jump in, and make sure you are comfortable with the height!

Farmer’s Market

There are many options for Farmer’s Markets around the island, and really we are saying you should find and go to AT LEAST 1. During our week on the island, we went to 2 different Farmer’s Markets and a local Fish Market!

You simply MUST make the most of your time on the island by eating all of the fresh local fruits and fish, which are typically priced cheaper than other non-local items that have to be shipped to the island!

Farmer’s Market Maui was Our Favorite!

Our favorite Farmer’s Market is marked on the map below, but we suggest you do a quick search for a market around your hotel/Airbnb so that you can make a morning walk to the market a few times!

Farmer’s Market Maui Google Maps Link

Here’s a list of local fruits you can get on Maui at a local Farmer’s Market!

  • Coconuts
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Banana
  • Starfruit
  • Guava
  • Passionfruit
  • Lychees
  • Avocado
  • Melons
  • Various Berries

You are in Hawaii! Go get some local fruits and vegetables grown fresh on the island! Your taste buds will love you for it, guaranteed.

Pride of Maui Excursions

Pride of Maui was our tour guide of choice for our excursions on Maui, and we could not have been happier with that decision! We did two excursions during our week.

First, a snorkel trip to Molokini Crater where we had the clearest water we’ve ever swam in! And second, a dinner cruise with live hula entertainment and an open bar!

Snorkeling at Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater is right up near the top of the most beautiful places to snorkel in the world. Why? I’m glad you asked! The crater itself forms a perfect half-moon shape from above, and as a result all wind and waves are blocked from the snorkeling area.

What does that mean for you? It means the water is CRYSTAL clear! Our captain parked the boat in 50 feet deep of water and WE COULD SEE THE BOTTOM! Easily! It was an incredible sight.

So, when you snorkel out at Molokini Crater, you will be able to see anything and everything in the ocean around you. We saw a bunch of brightly colored fish swimming around, a few sea turtles here and there, and Zach even spotted an eel on the ocean floor!

The eel wasn’t close enough to get a good shot, but still cool to see from afar! On top of snorkeling at Molokini Crater, the Pride of Maui‘s boat has a slide off the front! Yes, it was mostly kids using the slide, but of course we had to shamelessly hop down it a few times!

We even opened the gate on the boat and did a few dives off the platform into the deep blue water. It was a magical day of adventure! Oh and I almost forgot… Food and booze!

Upon your arrival to the boat in the morning, you’ll get a delicious breakfast and of course all the coffee you can drink. On your return trip to Maui, you get a yummy grilled lunch and an open bar!

The saltwater made us pretty thirsty, so we had to take advantage of the open bar of course… Heck, we were on vacation! Had to let our hair down a little. 4 Mai Tais and 2 burgers later we were completely satisfied with our Pride of Maui experience!

Dinner Cruise

We also chose Pride of Maui for our second excursion, the dinner cruise! Our cruise left the Maalena Harbor at 5:30 PM and took us around the coast of Maui for a beautiful sunset and fun-filled evening of drinks, food, dancing, and entertainment!

Just like the snorkel adventure to Molokini Crater, the dinner cruise had an open bar, which we took FULL advantage of. Local Hawaiian brews and fruity island drinks are right up our alley.

Dinner was a delicious buffet of ribs, chicken, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and of course all the bread and dessert you can eat. YUM!! On top of that, there was live hula dancing and Hawaiian songs sung for us on the ride, with the colorful Maui sky making a perfect backdrop for the show.

And if you’re interested, there is an interactive dance you can take part in to learn some of the local moves! This 3-4 hour adventure was a perfect way to end a day full of exploring. When we are back in Maui, we’ll be back for another dinner cruise!

More Maui Excursions

On Maui, you are able to find almost ANYTHING that you can think of to do as an excursion. Do you want to go biking down a volcano or surfing where the best in the world practice? Maybe you want to try whale watching and spot a big Humpback Whale? Go to eat some yummy local food at a luau or relax on a sunset cruise? All of these AND MORE are all available to you during your time on Maui.

We recommend doing at least 2-3 excursions during your time on Maui. You traveled ALL THIS WAY to an incredible tropical island in the Pacific, you should experience it as well as you possibly can!

Take in a Luau and Enjoy Live Entertainment Along with Local Hawaiian Food!

Click Here to check out Activity Authority and all of their excursions that you can explore!

Maui Packing List

Your packing last can’t necessarily ‘make’ your trip, but it can definitely ‘break’ your trip. Not having the right clothes, or forgetting a camera you wanted along, can hang over your head for the whole experience!

Therefore, we put together a checklist for you on your trip to Maui! Some of this is weather-dependent, like the sweater and rain jacket. Also, some is activity-dependent, such as the hiking clothes!

If you are spending all your time on the beach, then ditch the hiking stuff and throw in a few more swimsuits! If you are hiking every day, maybe pack an extra hiking outfit or two. Cater your packing list to your adventure plan!


Of course, you’re going to want to have some clothes packed for the trip. This isn’t a naked adventure (probably). So what should you bring along?

Well, given the adventure we planned above, with the Road to Hana, Haleakala, beach days, and more, we need a lot! We need hiking stuff and swimsuits and rain jackets and more! Here is what we packed along for our adventure.


  • 5 Swimsuits
  • 4 pairs Shorts
  • 1 pair Pants
  • 4 Tank Tops
  • 2 T Shirts
  • 1 Sweater
  • 1 Rain Jacket
  • 1 Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sandals
  • Hiking Boots/Shoes
  • 6 pairs Socks
  • 7 pairs Underwear
  • 7 Bras
  • 2 Dinner Outfits


  • 3 pairs Swim Trunks
  • 3 pairs Hiking Shorts
  • 1 pair Pants
  • 4 Tank Tops
  • 2 T Shirts
  • 1 Sweater
  • 1 Rain Jacket
  • 1 Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sandals
  • Hiking Boots/Shoes
  • 6 pairs Socks
  • 7 pairs Underwear
  • 2 Dinner Outfits

Note: make sure you are okay with the sandals you bring getting wet. They WILL get wet.

Note 2: On top of Haleakala you will want to wear all your warm clothes in layers! If you are not going to the top of Haleakala, you probably won’t need the sweater!

Electronics & Cameras

For us, all the electronics we brought were brought to capture our trip. Maui is full of so many amazing sites and adventures, we wanted everything we could to capture it!

For us, we love to get different perspectives. GoPros are the best way to get underwater shots, and our DJI Drone is our best way for getting an in-the-air-perspective!

  • GoPro
  • GoPro Dome
  • DJI Drone
  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Phone
  • Headphones
  • All Charging Cords

Canon Rebel t6 Camera

DJI Spark Drone

GoPro Hero 7

GoPro Dome

Note: the GoPro Dome is how you get the half-above-half-below water pictures like this one!

Half-Down Half-Up Shot with our GoPro Dome!


You won’t need many miscellaneous items for your time in Maui, but MAKE SURE YOU BRING SUNSCREEN! And not just any sunscreen. Make sure it is reef safe as that is the only type of sunscreen Hawaii will allow you to use while swimming in their beautiful oceans. And for good reason!

Also don’t forget aloe vera lotion for after the sun. That Hawaiian sun is HOT and BRIGHT, you have to protect your skin. Nothing worse than ruining a vacation by getting sun-sick or severely sunburned.

  • Toiletries
  • Sunscreen – must be reef safe!
  • Aloe Vera
  • Towel
  • Day Backpack
  • Water Bottles/Bladder

Rental Car Recommendation

We used Sixt Rental Cars for our week in Maui, and had the BEST experience with them. Why were they so great? A few reasons!

First off, the airport experience was awesome. There was a shuttle driver waiting right at baggage claim to bring us to our rental, and she gave us a TON of good recommendations of things to do on your Maui vacation! A few items we recommend above are because of her!

Second, the car itself was beautiful and clean. Sixt has cars for adventure (Jeep, Suburban, etc) and convertibles for the beach! Whatever you want, they’ve got it.

Third, the service was perfect! Everyone at Sixt was incredibly friendly and helpful, and made our experience in Maui as good as it possible could have been.

A great rental car experience won’t be the highlight of your trip, but a bad rental car experience can be the lowlight of your trip. Go with Sixt and you won’t regret it!

There you have it, everything you need to know for a once-in-a-lifetime Maui vacation! Beaches, waterfalls, hiking, relaxation, and more!

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  1. Maui is such a beautiful island and love everything about it! The road to Hana is awesome if go early to beat the crowds. Lol. So many gorgeous places to stop with a ton of photo opportunities. An awesome place to snorkel and scuba dive too. This makes me wanna go back!

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