The 3 Best Drinking Games On Earth (And It’s Not Even Close)

We are from the Midwest USA. A place that knows a few things, and knows them good. We might not be fashion icons or movie stars, but we sure as hell know our cheese, sausage, and beer. We’re the Germany of the USA, baby! The beer flows like wine in the heartland of America, and I’ll bet we sure as hell know our drinking games better than you.

We love a good round of competition (and bet you do too), especially when the only stakes are pride and the chance to see your friends chug a few beers. This Summer, as you’re spending a weekend at a cabin, having a few beers on vacation by the lake, or just kicking back on the patio, here are some games that will multiply the fun factor of any gathering by at least 5.


By far my favorite, but be careful to enjoy in moderation, this one can get out of hand… quickly. Here’s how it works. You need 4 players, 4 beers (cans), 4 red solo cups, 1 ping pong ball, and an outdoor table (picnic table works best). Split up into two teams of two, each player at their own corner of the table, and have each player pour their entire can of beer into a red solo cup – don’t destroy the can, as one barbaric friend will most certainly do. Place the empty cans at each corner of the table, and have your cup of beer on the table within arms reach, ready to drink.

“This is the best game I’ve ever played” -anyone who has every played

Now, you are cocked, locked, and ready to rock. Team 1 will start. 1 player on Team 1 will throw the ping pong ball at either of Team 2’s empty beer cans. If the can is hit AND knocked over, then the thrower’s teammate starts chugging their beer. As he/she is chugging, Team 2 is trying to grab the ball, place it back on the table, and shout ‘STOP’. Once ‘STOP’ rings out, then the thrower’s teammate, at this point blindly chugging as fast as they can, must put down their beer.

Now it is Team 2’s turn, and the process repeats. Once any player finishes their beer, they must flip the cup upside down onto the table (flip-a-cup style), same rules: you can only be doing this while the other team is retrieving the ball after a hit. Here’s the thing about this game, in most drinking games it is the loser that has to drink. Not so fast with this one my friend, the winners only win because their beers are empty first.

So, if you find yourself playing winner-goes-on, and you have shown a particular talent for this game, winning a few in a row, you might find yourself taking a mid-day cat-nap earlier than expected. If you suck, then congratulations! You get to be awake drinking with all the attractive people at the party while the ‘winners’ sleep it off.


This beer game will get the whole party involved, and can be RIDICULOUSLY fun. From time to time, this beats Beer Ball for me. Slap Cup does take some set-up though, here’s what you need: 10-25 red solo cups, somewhere around 15 is ideal, beer to fill each cup 1/4 full, 1 shot of liquor poured into 1 of the cups, 2 ping pong balls, and 2 empty cups (can also use quarters and shot glasses, but I prefer the former). Place the cups in the middle of a big table – do this outdoors, it may get messy – like a big island of beer with a shot in the center, and have everyone stand around the table.

2 people each start (pick people on opposite sides of the table) and give each a ping pong ball and an empty cup. On ‘Go’ each will try repeatedly to bounce the ball into their cup. Once they succeed, they pass to the person on their left, who has the same goal. If one ball catches up to the other (i.e. I am shooting and the person to my left is still working on theirs, and I make mine before them) then the player who caught the other can slap the empty cup away from the player who was caught.

The loser then has to grab a cup from Beer Island, chug the beer, and once the cup is empty, bounce the ping pong ball into that cup. While this chug-and-shoot is happening, the player to the loser’s left continues with the other cup. This player better hurry! If the previous loser finishes their chug-and-shoot before them, then their cup is slapped away and it is their turn for the chug-and-shoot! Beer Island will get smaller and smaller as the game goes on, and be careful to not be last! Remember that shot in the middle? Exactly… Don’t be last. Make sense? Good. Now there are two kickers to this game:

  • If a player makes their bounce on the first try, they don’t have to pass to their left, they can pass to ANYONE at the table. Make it on your first try folks, then make an enemy or two.
  • If at any time while shooting for an empty cup, the ball bounces into a cup on Beer Island, then the player who bounced it has to slap their empty cup, and start a chug-and-shoot with the cup that their ball bounced into.


This is the least intense of these 3 beer games, but it is the best indoor game I know of. Here’s how it works: Place an unopened beer can in the center of the table, and surround the can with a deck of cards spread face down in a ring around the can. Now surround the table with your closest friends, and plant yourself next to that person you’ve been trying to chat-up the whole night. Take turns going around the circle flipping over 1 card, and following the below set of rules for the card that is flipped over:


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  • King – Crown the King- this player must wear the ‘crown’ preferably something embarrassing, an empty cardboard case from the Hamm’s 30-rack you just purchased should do if you can’t find anything else.
  • Queen – This person is now the Question Master. Any time this person asks a question, DO NOT ANSWER IT. IF you do, take a drink. This lasts until the next Queen is drawn, and that person becomes the Question Master.
  • Jack – This person is now the Moose Master. Any time this person makes moose antlers with their hands, everyone else has to follow suit. Last one loses, and has to drink. This lasts until the next Jack is drawn, and that person becomes the Moose Master.
  • 10 – Never Have I Ever. This person begins a ‘Never Have I Ever’ round. Can be done with anywhere from 1-3 rounds.
  • 9 – Rhyme. The one who drew the 9 says a word, and the person to their left has to rhyme with that word. Continues until someone fails, and that person drinks.
  • 8 – Date, the one who drew picks another player to be their date for the rest of the game. When either one of them has to drink, they BOTH have to.
  • 7 – Make a Rule. This person gets to make a rule – get creative! – that is in play for the remainder of the round.
  • 6 – Dicks, anyone with a penis has to take a drink.
  • 5 – This person is not the High 5 Master. If you ever High 5 this person, you have to drink. This lasts until the next 5 is drawn, and that person becomes the High 5 Master.
  • 4 – Whores, anyone with a vagina has to drink.
  • 3 – Me, the one who drew has to drink
  • 2 – You, the one who drew picks someone else to take a drink.
  • Ace – Waterfall. Everyone begins drinking, and can only stop when the person to their left has stopped. The person who drew the card has the privilege of being the first person who can stop. I’m sorry, person to the right of them you’re fucked.

Play this one as many rounds as you like! Another variation is that, if you use an unopened beer can in the middle, you have to place each card under the tab. The person who places the card that ‘cracks’ the can open, then has to chug the beer.


This beer game is pretty ridiculous, but can be a fun and flirty ongoing game during a weekend with friends. Did you ever have a teacher that would make a class read ‘popcorn’ style? Where one kid reads a paragraph and ‘popcorn’ chooses another kid for the next one? Same thing, only here it is with chugging a beer (preferably a beer bong, but chugging works too). One person chugs a beer, then says ‘popcorn’, and chooses another person. This can continue for an entire weekend – or longer! – but be careful to not make too many enemies.

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