Top 2019 Traveler Gift Recommendations

Let’s face it, gift season is darn near impossible to do well. Our goal with creating our top 2019 traveler gift recommendations was to help you out! Sure, a little (emphasis on little) time with family is awesome! But the hardest part of the holidays by far is gift-giving! Most people suck at it, let’sContinue reading “Top 2019 Traveler Gift Recommendations”

World’s Best Travel Drone – DJI Spark

We’ve owned our DJI Spark drone for about 2 years now, and we absolutely love the thing. The video quality blew our expectations away, especially considering this is half the price of most other high-quality drones on the market. What’s more? The Spark is extremely small and lightweight, which makes is ridiculously easy to travelContinue reading “World’s Best Travel Drone – DJI Spark”

Fitness and Litness – How to Workout on Vacation

Working out can suck. We’ll say it. It hurts, is hard to motivate yourself to do, and can take some time to see results. Add in the fact that you are traveling or on vacation, and it is damn near impossible! Have you ever had these feelings? You’ve come to the right place. Here isContinue reading “Fitness and Litness – How to Workout on Vacation”

15 Instagram Travel Couples and Rockstars You Will LOVE

If you know where to look online, there is a TON of people who will inspire you to travel around the world. These Instagram travel couples and blogging rockstars will tell you how to go about traveling the world and all of them are balling on a budget! Here are 15 of our favorites toContinue reading “15 Instagram Travel Couples and Rockstars You Will LOVE”

11 Incredible Binge-Worthy TV Shows

After traveling, our second favorite thing to do is to cuddle up with some popcorn and a binge-worthy tv show. Netflix and chill with the best of them, folks. We’ve curated our 11 favorites for your viewing pleasure, enjoy! Parenthood – Netflix Starting out with a bang, our all time favorite show. We have watchedContinue reading “11 Incredible Binge-Worthy TV Shows”

How We Started a Travel Blog (While Working AND Going to School Full-Time)

2 years ago, we had absolutely no idea how to start a travel blog. Now, we do know. And in 2000 words, you’ll know too. Over the last 2 years, we’ve lived in Chicago absolutely GRINDING. Zach has been working full-time and getting his MBA at Kellogg at night. Julie has been getting her MastersContinue reading “How We Started a Travel Blog (While Working AND Going to School Full-Time)”