The Official Girls Guide to Packing – 2 Weeks Exploring Europe

We know packing can be a struggle. On our first trip together (to San Diego!) the airline lost Julie’s checked bag, and she spent the whole trip switching between 2 bikinis and 2 t-shirts we got at a souvenir shop… From then on we have COMPLETELY avoided checking bags, even on long trips abroad! We have developed our official girls guide to packing. This is specific to a two week hiking trip through Europe, but feel free to steal our tips for any trip you’re taking!

Packing for a trip abroad can be a harrowing experience for some. Pulling your hair out as you imagine all of the different scenarios that may come about, just knowing (KNOWING!) that there is something you’re not thinking of. Something that is going to ruin your trip because you didn’t bring everything you needed. Follow our instructions and we guarantee you will be 100% signed, sealed, delivered to an amazing experience abroad!

Official Packing List – Clothes

Of course you are gonna need clothes. But what are you really going to need? Options. Any girl knows that. Options are a NEED-TO-HAVE, not a nice-to-have.

The only problem is that you do NOT have enough space for your whole closet, no matter how good of a packer you are. And for a 2 week trip in Europe you are NOT going to want to be lugging around 2 giant bags of clothes.

Never fear, we have a tried and true packing list that we’ve tested and tweaked until we got it perfect. For clothes, you are going to need to limit yourself to what you can fit into a hardsided carry-on roller bag. Stop panicking, you can do this. Here’s how to do it:


  • Beach: Swim Suits x5 – Beach Towel x1
  • Tops: Work-out Shirts x5 – Tank Tops x3 – T Shirts x2
  • Warmth: Sweater x1 – Sweat Shirt x1 – Zip Up x1 – Rain Jacket x1
  • Dresses: Sun Dress x2 – Maxi Dress x2 – Romper x1 – Long Skirt x1
  • Pants: Jeans x1 – Leggings x2 – Sweat Pants x1
  • Shorts: Jean Shorts x2 – Work-out Shorts x4
  • Unmentionables: Socks x7 – Undies x12 – Bras x3 – Sports Bras x6
  • Kicks: Tennis Shoes x1 – Sandals x1
  • More: Baller Fanny Pack x1 – Toiletries & Bathroom BagTravel Pillow
  • Bag Recommendation: Cheapest 20″ Hardside Spinner Luggage You Can Find!

Packing List – Other

Now that you know what you’re going to wear, now you need to pack everything for what you’re going to DO! Are you into photography? Hiking? Reading? Music? Drinking? Eating? Running? All of the above?? Us too.

We found a way to fit absolutely everything we are going to need, except clothes and toiletries, into a backpack. That way it is easy walking through the airport, in between hotels, and through the city. Just throw a backpack on and grab your carry-on roller bag and you’re good to go!

Here’s what we bring on any and every trip we go on, all fitting in a backpack that fits under an airplane seat:


More Packing Hacks to Help You Out

11 Secret Packing Hacks You Will Love

And we’re off!


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