How to Pack Light for 2 Weeks – Extreme Minimalist Travel – Guys Guide

Who loves extreme minimalist travel? Who wants to know what to pack for a 2 week trip to Europe (or anywhere, really)? We do! We want to learn how to pack light for 2 weeks around the world! Whether you are going to Africa or Asia, the West Coast or East Coast, we have your packing list for Europe, Australia, and everywhere in between.

The 3 Best Drinking Games On Earth (And It’s Not Even Close)

We are from the Midwest USA. A place that knows a few things, and knows them good. We might not be fashion icons or movie stars, but we sure as hell know our cheese, sausage, and beer. We’re the Germany of the USA, baby! The beer flows like wine in the heartland of America, and I’llContinue reading “The 3 Best Drinking Games On Earth (And It’s Not Even Close)”